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JA’s Spring Break Happenings



I’ve been kind of out of blogging commission lately, except for commenting and moderating for the last few days. On Friday, I took my boys to the Oregon Coast and then spent Sunday through Tuesday in Portland and stayed at the parsonage of the 2nd oldest church in Portland – my friend, Pastor Ken Garrett’s church.

The time with my boys and parents was very nice.  Here’s a picture my step-dad took of me and 4 of the boys –  – – well, of our legs and his fingers in the shot. We all had a good laugh at this:



Here’s more of the area. This is north of Rockaway Beach. These were taken with my cell phone, no filters.  The Oregon Coast is always gorgeous.





Here are a couple of pics: one of Ken’s church, and a view of the stained glass windows going up the staircase to the 2nd floor in the parsonage. The first night, I had the whole parsonage to myself. I had fun opening every door and looking at all of the details of the beautifully built home, the nooks, built-ins, the old-fashioned light switches, wood trimming, period furniture, etc. (Ken, I confess, I even walked up the steps to the attic, I’m still a kid at heart.) The parsonage is so beautiful, and Ken’s wife, sure has an eye for knowing how to make the place classy and welcoming. I felt like I was in a museum looking at all the decor.


Portland Grace Bible Church





Ken and I had the opportunity to get together a couple of times, and as usual, we tend to drift to the topic we have most in common: spiritual abuse. I also had the opportunity see how he ministers (once again) to people living in the streets in downtown Portland, and we had a great discussion about that. After our conversation, I asked him if he’d be willing to let me record what he had shared with me on my iPhone.

I think Ken’s experience of dealing with homeless, drug addicts, and victims of trafficking, etc, is really good and valuable. I’m going to ask one of my boys to edit the videos so I can upload and use it in a blog post. It’s not professional by any means, but the message is a good one, and I appreciate that Ken allowed me to put him on the spot like that.  (This might serve as a warning to people who want to befriend me – – sometimes I ask for blog favors. Ken is a great sucker and went along with it – hahaha.)

I’m still working behind the scenes on the Tullian Tchividjian scandal, more specifically, with people who have been harmed by him, not just female victims. I am also researching a disturbing situation with JD Hall, and dealing with a couple other fires that need some attention.

I’d like to ask for prayer as I meet with local peeps and we try to get local resources together to help moms in crises. Opportunities have opened up and people have come together all at once – right during Spring break, of all times. When I see something like this happening among Believers, I’m inclined to believe that God has His hands in it and is ordaining this work. God knows what my schedule is like and is providing women, resources, and ideas, so I’ll just follow His lead.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope to get a “real” post up soon.  Once again, I’d like to thank those who have been praying for me as I juggle being a mom, student, blogger, etc.



17 thoughts on “JA’s Spring Break Happenings”

  1. I’m amazed at what God is doing in yiur lifevand your committmentntonthe cause. I remember you coming on CCA years ago. He is using you greatly ! I keep you in my prayers !

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  2. Have Fun Julie. Sounds like great friendship with Ken and his family.

    Your barefoot pic reminded me of my manager… who is founder and president of the Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota…. which I find odd and fun at the same time :-). However, he is a great guy and at times have contemplated getting my own feet dirty hiking with him.

    Have fun!

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  3. JA, I have never been to Oregon-the pictures were breathtaking! Thank you for posting about you wonderful trip. I can tell your “short time away” and connecting to people who are important is such an encouragement to you! Post more pictures!
    I can not wait until you post you video conversation. I hope you can find more opportunities to get away as I am sure blogging about such important and heartbreaking issues can be draining!

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  4. You had one of the best Spring Breaks I’ve ever heard of, JA. I’m praying for your ministry to moms in crisis.

    By the way, your Rockaway Beach looks a lot like the one in the town I grew up in.

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  5. Thanks for visiting, Julie Anne! Was great to spend some time with you on the streets, along with time in Portland’s foodie-scene restaurants! Come back!


  6. I’ve only been there once, but I LOVED my trip to Oregon. We went to Portland and Neskowin (sp?), drove up and down the coast, and saw some of the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.


  7. Thanks so much for all you do. I have learned so much from reading your blog. I’m thankful that you were able to get a bit of a break.

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  8. Wow JA, that is one Beauty of a Church in the pics! From a time when skilled craftsmen worked in stone and hardwood… and consecrated their hearts and hands for the task… But the world has moved on, and that whole ethos with it.


  9. Julie Anne, may God continue to bless the work of your hands. Have a relaxing reprieve from school! I look forward to more of your blogging in the future as time permits you to do so.

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  10. Thank you, Darlene. I didn’t know how much I needed this break. I had intended to put up blog posts this past week and realized I needed to take care of me first.


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