Bill Gothard, IBLP and ATI, LAWSUITS, Patriarchal-Complementarian Movement, Sexual Abuse/Assault and Churches

Bill Gothard Defenders Launch Website within Days of Civil Lawsuit against His Former Ministry, IBLP

Bill Gothard, Discovering Grace, Recovering Grace, lawsuit, sex abuse, sexual grooming, IBLP

Bill Gothard, IBLP, Discovering Grace, Recovering Grace, sex abuse, lawsuit,
Bill Gothard (Facebook Page)

Bill Gothard, has a Facebook page, and just over an hour ago, the moderator (anonymous) announced that there is a new
website called Discovering Grace (this is a DoNotLink link).

Bill Gothard is the founder of Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) who resigned last year as news was surfacing about claims of sexual abuse and harassment of more than 30 young women over the past decades.

Some who have been harmed by Bill Gothard and/or his teachings will immediately understand why the “Discovering Grace” name was chosen. The website, Recovering Grace, has been exposing the personal testimonies of over 30 women who have allegedly been sexually groomed by Bill Gothard, as well as exposing his teachings which are laden with false teachings, extra-Biblical teachings, misogyny, Patriarchal teachings, etc.

The timing is also notable since only 10 days ago, five women filed a civil lawsuit against the Board of Directors of IBLP, the organization Bill Gothard founded. There are scores of articles written about the recent lawsuit and mainstream media has especially noted the connection between the Duggars and Bill Gothard.

Leave it to Gothard and/or his defenders to try to paint a good picture of Gothard and distract people from listening to the voices of victims.


Bill Gothard, IBLP, lawsuit, Recovering Grace, Discovering Grace


On the top of the new site is an About Us page. No one is identified by name that I can see:

It is our wish to do our part in providing support to Bill and his ministry, giving honor to whom honor is due.

Under the “Did He Do It?” tab, we read more clues as to who is heading this website:

We have watched Bill and the ministry for over 40 years, some of us have lived at Headquarters for years, traveled the world with him, spent countless counseling hours with him, including many late night hours, watched him as he interacted with and counseled others, got to field questions from investigators who were sure he was abusing us.  None of us are being paid for what we are doing.  We came to Bill’s defense because we still appreciate all he has done for us, we know who he really is, and knew that most of what was being alleged had to be false.

There is a “Testimonial” tab in which only women give glowing testimonies of Gothard and IBLP.

This new website reminds me a bit of the Bill Cosby case. How many defended Bill Cosby for months after the sexual allegations surfaced? Finally, when Cosby admitted under oath that he had given drugs/alcohol to young ladies in order to have sex with them did most people start believing the victims. Bill Gothard has the same kind of die-hard defenders. They refuse to believe anything other than what they want to believe about Bill. How many more victims need to come forward before they will believe the victims are telling the truth?

This new blog site is disappointing, but not surprising. While Bill Gothard painted a dreamy picture of families learning Basic Life Principles and being successful, I know some who would say they are Basic Death Principles because of the harm done and years stolen by abuse.

As the pressure builds, we will see more attempts to hijack the narrative on the legacy of Bill Gothard and Institute in Basic Life Principles.

25 thoughts on “Bill Gothard Defenders Launch Website within Days of Civil Lawsuit against His Former Ministry, IBLP”

  1. It doesn’t really matter what those people say because from a sheer financial perspective IBLP is toast. They’re never going to regain their footing because of how repulsed people are by the Duggars, Mike Huckabee, etc.

    Gothard is in his own special brand of hell, I’m sure, both now and after he dies. What an angry, self-deceiving, cowardly, sniveling little man. He longs to make the world a safer place for himself by forcing others to obey his rules at all times, and therefore what terror he must live in of the real world and its consequences.

    Serves him right, of course. He makes me laugh, he really does.

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  2. I don’t think it matter how many women come forward. These people were raised to take a man’s word over any number of women and to blame women for “defrauding” men if a man so much as looks at them. They probably also believe the that most rape accusations are a lie. I feel sorry for them.

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  3. Gothard … What an angry, self-deceiving, cowardly, sniveling little man. He longs to make the world a safer place for himself by forcing others to obey his rules at all times…

    Feeling up teenage interns along the way.

    Now the media blitz begins —
    Rule #1: The ManaGAWD Can Do No Wrong.
    Rule #2: See Rule #1.

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  4. “got to field questions from investigators who were sure he was abusing us. ”

    Well, now we know who the investigators talked to, since the victims say they weren’t interviewed during any investigation. There was probably a “safe” list and a “avoid at all costs” list — the former would be given to the investigating organization, and the other would be buried in a deep, dark hole at midnight on a moonless night.

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  5. I had no idea about DoNotLink. What a great tool.
    I had to chuckle , when I went to many of the pages on DG a little pop-up box told me “Most people think this page is dangerous” with dangerous in red.

    I have a pretty good idea who is behind this website.
    There isn’t room for everyone at Big Sandy.
    And certainly no room for those who won’t fit into the rebranding of trying to appeal to new families.


  6. Ah yes, Bill Gothard: the eighty year old virgin.

    I wonder who out there stands to benefit from trying to rehabilitate his brand. How many years can the guy have left to live, anyway? There must be somebody positioning themselves to profit from the empire BG built after he’s gone.

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  7. Yes, E, most of the time I do not use DoNotLink, but in this case, I really do not want to promote that site in any way. Someone just sent me a bunch of ATI materials and I’m mad all over again. No, the guy’s teachings are very bad and have harmed so many. We don’t need to promote sites that defend Gothard or his teachings.

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  8. Ah yes, Bill Gothard: the eighty year old virgin.

    More likely the eighty year old TECHNICAL virgin.

    “I did not Know her in the Biblical manner.” — Doug Phillips ESQUIRE

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  9. From what you posted I have a pretty good idea who started the support page. If you have been a long time supporter of Recovering Grace it isn’t rocket science to work out who they are


  10. Of course Julie Anne if you can recall his comments and how he disparaged Bill’s victims while defending Bill and had done his own investigations it isn’t hard to work it out. In fact it’s pretty transparent.

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  11. Chris SymondsChris SymondsNovember 1, 2015
    Your comment is awaiting moderation

    I know what you did last summer, and the one before that, and before that as well! 3:)


  12. It’s pretty clear that they don’t want any serious dialogue. Also very typical of those who adhere to IBLP/ATI doctrine, very dismissive of others points of view not to mention dishonest.


  13. No offense intended to people at Recovering Grace, but I almost think the “do not link” site gives a better picture than they do at portraying the faults of Mr. Gothard than they do. Gothard’s aberrant position on the definition of grace is spelled out clearly, and he even pretty much admits (with some sugarcoating to be sure) that some of the allegations made against him have some merit. And as a couple of others have noted, heavy on claims and light on sources.

    Kinda reminds me of a defense site Gary Ezzo did a few years back when the faults of GFI became known. A quick look at it showed it to be far more damning than anything his critics have said, because it was all personal attacks and such.

    OK, and I’m there when someone looks at Alfred’s (E. Neumann? j/k) or Bill’s site or whoever’s and say….something unprintable, with emphasis in four part harmony and all. I get that. But let’s understand that Mr. Neumann or whoever is doing here; he’s got the mails, beeswax, and the hammer and is busily sealing the coffin holding the earthly remains of Gothard’s life’s work. Let them write. Then it’s legal discovery time.


  14. Rape Scandal on the Religious Right (article on Daily Beast site)


    by Suzi Parker

    Prison Chaplain [Arkansas prison chaplain Kenneth L. Dewitt ] Charged With Rape Studied Minister Accused of Sex Abuse

    Bill Gothard’s evangelical teachings found fans in Mike Huckabee and the Duggars, but he and another pastor allegedly used them to take advantage of women.

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