SSB Sunday Gathering

SSB Gathering – March 29, 2015

Spiritual Sounding Board – This is your place to gather and share in an open format.

 by Kathi


John 12: 12-19

(12) The next day the great crowd that had come for the Feast heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. (13) They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting,


“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

“Blessed is the King of Israel!”

(14) Jesus found a young donkey and sat upon it, as it is written, (15) “Do not be afraid, O Daughter of Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt.” (16) At first his disciples did not understand all this. Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize that these things had been written about him and that they had done these things to him.

(17) Now the crowd that was with him when he called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the dead continued to spread the word. (18) Many people, because they had heard that he had given this miraculous sign, went out to meet him. (19) So the Pharisees said to one another, “See, this is getting us nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after him!”


Psalm 118: 22-29

(22) The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; (23) the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. (24) This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

(25) O Lord, save us; O Lord, grant us success. (26) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. From the house of the Lord we bless you.

(27) The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine upon us. With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession up to the horns of the altar. (28) You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.

(29) Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.



May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you: wherever he may send you;

may he guide you through the wilderness: protect you from the storm;

may he bring you home rejoicing: at the wonders he has shown you;

may he bring you home rejoicing: once again into our doors.

Feel free to join the discussion.
You can share your church struggles and concerns.
Let’s also use it as a time to encourage one another spiritually.
What have you found spiritually encouraging lately?
Do you have any special Bible verses to share, any YouTube songs that you have found uplifting?


19 thoughts on “SSB Gathering – March 29, 2015”

  1. Hi All!

    I just wanted to thank you all for your support (and Deb and Dee and the folks over at The Wartburg Watch). I am doing so much better on my road to recovery from spiritual abuse at my former church! And good music has been an important component in my healing. All kinds.

    Here’s an awesome song: Mama Mosie Burks singing “I Love To Praise Him” with The Mississippi Mass Choir.

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  2. @gm370,
    I am so glad you have been blessed by Mama Mosie and The Mississippi Mass Choir! I am a white woman, but I lived and worked in a city with a large black population. And it was older, African-American Christian women who evangelized me, befriend me, carried The Gospel to me, and loved me! Those sisters were AMAZING, reverent women of God! There was something ‘different’ about them than every day folks. That difference was Jesus. They LIVED The Gospel in everything they did and how they LOVED and CARED for unbelievers. And boy did we know it!! They took me to their churches and many times I was the only white person in an all black church.

    And like a duckling who has ‘imprinted’ on the first thing it saw, I ‘imprinted’ on Black Gospel from Mississippi! About 99% of my Christian music collection is Black Gospel from Mississippi.

    Even in pouring rain storms, after I moved away from that city, I would drive to see those dear Christian women for their wise counsel when I needed help. And they were ALWAYS available and had Godly advice from the Scriptures.

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  3. What an incredible church service this morning! Absolutely breathtaking…the Holy Scriptures posted are a rich reminder of the love of our Savior, Jesus, the Christ. Riding in on a donkey, dressed as a lowly commoner, and being worshiped as our King….to even remotely imagine such a scene bears witness to the ways of our Redeemer, which stands in such opposition to what we see in this world.

    Jesus, precious Jesus, that He would love an unworthy sinner like me, and would humbly shed His blood and give up His earthly life for all of us who have rebelled against Him. Who can fully understand and comprehend the greatness of this love in our human condition? Until that final day when our LORD chooses to bring us home, then, we shall truly understand and experience the greatness of His love.

    Thank-you for posting this morning Kathi, the beautiful tulip picture, and the instrumental music with the piano, flute, and oboe… calmed my soul to tears as I meditated upon God’s Word this morning, bringing me to tears of joy. I am truly in awe of the wonders of our Savior and deeply, so deeply moved in my spirit.

    May the love of Jesus fill all of our hearts today and every day as we humbly abide in Him. Blessings to all of you here at SSB.


  4. Since Easter is upon us, another lovely Mississippi Mass Choir song “It Wasn’t The Nails”


  5. The tulips were displaying all their glory during my walk yesterday. We’ve had a very early spring in the Pacific Northwest.

    Grace and peace to all of you this day!


  6. @Kathi,

    Thanks for the FANTASTIC job you’re doing in helping out Julie Anne! You have a blessed day there in the Northwest. We so appreciate the work you and Julie Anne do here!

    I am in California…where, well, it’s Spring all year ’round!

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  7. Michaela, I was raised in the south and identify with your experience. Nothing comes comes close to experiencing worship in a predominantly black church!
    JA , let us know how your projects and tests went. Glad you are taking a small vacation with a friend!


  8. @Ann,
    Amen to that! I was living in Oakland, California, where there is a large black population from The South that came to California to work in the shipyards during World War II. They brought their Southern customs and sweet ways with them. And they changed my life!

    And yes, I too will be keeping Julie Anne in prayer as she pursues her higher education.


  9. @Michaela,

    I lived in SoCal for 11 years. My first year there I was amazed at seeing roses blooming in December. That’s not something you see in the Midwest!


  10. Ann, I can’t believe that last week of school is behind me. It was brutal. I’m quite happy, no thrilled, with my final grades. Hard work pays off. Thank you for asking. I’m doing a bit of retail therapy in OR on my way home (no sales tax). It was an amazing weekend.

    Fun story – we wanted to go for a hike up a popular butte, but authorities turned us around halfway up because of a cougar sighting. They ended up killing it (the story was on the local news). That was the big excitement. But it was just wonderful being in a cabin overlooking a river with the snow-capped volcanoes at a distance. Absolutely gorgeous and great weather.

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  11. Michaela – I love good gospel music. In my bucket list, I want to sing in a black gospel choir before I die. Is there anyone who can arrange this for me? 🙂 It makes me so happy to hear people put their heart and soul into their singing. My daughter, her friend, and I met a guy at Target who invited us to come to his predominately African-American church in NE Portland. We loved it. The people were so warm and welcoming.


  12. @Julie Anne,

    Black Gospel music has saved my sanity on many an occasion and completely changed my mood. Since you want to sing with a Gospel choir, why don’t you apply once you’re out of your classes and can fit it in your schedule?

    I found this group in Seattle which I believe is for high school students, but they will be singing at a black church. I think you should consider asking the black church about singing opportunities.

    I would like to go to Mississippi. I’ve been to Paris and other famous cities throughout the world. But I would like to go to Miss. because of Black Gospel, good food and also Miss. Delta Blues.

    1. pannellctp on youtube has put together a beautiful channel of traditional black Gospel to honor his late mother and his late sisters.

    Traditional Gospel Music channel dedicated to my loving Mother who passed away 2 August 2013, to my baby sister, Alice Marie Bruce, who went home to be with her Lord on 02/20/2011 and my elder sister, Ruth Ann Taltoan, who went home on 11/11/1990. I wish to thank my brother, Rev/Dr. Richard W. Pannell for his spiritual and financial support in maintaining this channel.
    111,668 subscribers

    2. You can also do a youtube search for “Gospel Legends in Miss”…and wow…those performances of Black Gospel greats are wonderful.

    3. Here are the Williams Brothers (their late brother Frank Williams, a gem of a man, founded the Mississippi Mass Choir and Malaco Recording in Miss, which has an awesome store online you can order Black Gospel from).


  13. The Williams Brothers have made several wonderful records called “Songs Mama Used To Sing” of traditional Black Gospel songs.

    Here’s “Pass Me Not”:


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