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TW Eston, Co-Blogger at Jen’s Gems blog is a Rushdoony Fan and a Kinist?

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TW Eston blogs with Jen at Jen’s Gems blog who has been exposing Doug Phillips of Vision Forum.  It’s been pretty obvious that he is a fan of Rushdoony, but he’s also Kinist?

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This is going to be a quickie because it’s past my bedtime.  My friend, R.L. Stollar, co-founder of Homeschoolers Anonymous blog was tweeting late last night and I got distracted when I should have been sleeping.  Sometimes the self-control is lacking.  Help me.  But if you’ve been following the Doug Phillips story and Jen’s Gems, you’ll see why.

The topic is TW Eston, the person who was posting around the internet when Doug Phillips’ story broke. I featured a couple of his comments as articles on my blog, then out of the clear blue, he posted an article at Jen’s Gems blog and somehow jumped into the co-blogger/moderator seat and has remained there. Here were the tweets which beckoned me to stay up later than I should have:


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.16.52 AM

Lana responded to Stollar’s tweet (the bottom tweet in the pile) and you can see our conversation that follows:


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.21.53 AM


When TW Eston first came around, I started snooping around and had seen a Twitter account and Facebook page, under his name, but I do not remember any activity on either one.

Now I see that the Twitter profile has been filled out.  Read the white print!   I already knew Eston was a fan of Rushdoony from his comments on my blog, that he couldn’t stand Phillips, but he is publicly saying he’s a KINIST?!!!   Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

Kinism is the belief that the God-ordained social order for humanity is “tribal and ethnic,” and focuses on man’s duty to “love one’s own kind”. Kinists advocate the idea that extended families should live together in large groups. They believe the ideal and normative social order for families – and by extension communities, states and nations – is one defined by race and blood, not propositions or borders, and that this natural order forms the proper and lasting bonds of affection and loyalty for any legitimate society.  It is considered an offshoot of Christian Reconstructionism that originated among anti-immigration traditionalists in the Southern United States.(Source)



Isn’t that a creepy quote by Phillips that he used for the background of his Twitter profile?  And here’s a screen capture from Facebook in which he is friends with one friend, Jen.  I can pretty much bet that TW Eston does not really look like that kid.  Nice try, Eston.




Oh, and if that definition above wasn’t enough – – here’s a bit more from the same link:

“Kinism is a worldview embraced primary by some paleoconservatives and Christian Reconstructionists, who may subscribe to related views such as Neo-Calvinism, theonomy, postmillenialism, nationalism and protectionism, chivalry, patriarchy, courtship as a substitute for casual dating, “quiverfull” parenthood, homeschooling, agrarianism, distributism and Christian democracy, White separatism, or an exceptionally high view of Western civilization.”

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  1. For the record, Jen Fishburne’s ex-husband, Mark Epstein, as you may recall, has long since remarried after his divorce from Jen. Well, the story that broke earlier today about Donald Trump’s butler, Anthony Peter Senecal, posting racist remarks about “liberal negroes” on FB? That had to do with a photo share from Mark Epstein’s current wife, “Gidon Yoel Eliat” (Mary Tung). “Eliat” posted a photo that Trump’s butler decided to comment on. The Daily Beast got the screenshot (scroll down to the photo of the black guy holding the Confederate flag):


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