Lauren’s Journey: Sharing The Love of Christ

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I just have to show you this.  I met a young lady who contacted me after reading my post In Honor of Hannah.  She reached out and shared a bit of her personal story with me, left me in tears and ever since then, we’ve stayed connected via social media.


Lauren Dubinski is only 24 years old, but like so many of us, she has experienced spiritual abuse and other life trauma and has been on her own journey of recovery and healing.

Just last week as she and her husband were quite preoccupied with getting ready for an upcoming overseas trip, I watched on Twitter and Facebook as Lauren coordinated an effort to help a Romanian family who was soon to be evicted from their home.  This is what I saw on Facebook:

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 8.43.59 AM

After this was posted on Facebook and Twitter, people started sharing the Facebook story and re-tweeting.  Soon, money was coming in:


Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 8.46.54 AM

And then we got to see a picture of Lauren and her husband, Max presenting the money and the names of people who donated to the relieved neighbors.


Watching the whole incident transpire via social media was beautiful.  Lauren’s husband, Max, shared the story here.

Lauren and Max are currently in Bangladesh.  I’ve been reading about their trip preparations for the past several weeks.  She wrote an article for her blog today that is really worth reading.  This sweet young woman has been able to go beyond the hurt and pain of her abuse and  is spreading the love of Christ in real and practical ways to those in need.


We do not have to remain dragged down by the abuse of the past.  We do not need to let it hold us captive.  I’m so happy for Lauren (and Max).  Be encouraged.  Be motivated.  Be all that Christ wants you to be.

Please read how Lauren is being the hands and feet of Christ in Bangladesh.

4 thoughts on “Lauren’s Journey: Sharing The Love of Christ”

  1. Well, that was really wonderful, thank-you for sharing! I suspect that if our Lord had a newspaper detailing all the compassion acts of His kids, all unseen hero’s, & secret givers our hearts would melt… And if this fictitious fantasy of a newspaper was a reality, I would love reading God’s heart toward the victims who have been crushed by abuse. Can you imagine how tender His words would be…
    He is a just judge and knows all hearts… Who do those creeps (who beat the sheep) think they are? There will be a day when they will no longer be able to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes…


  2. Gail – this is one of the things that has been speaking loudest to me and it became clear to me when I had scores of e-mails from people who have left church – some now calling themselves atheists/agnostics, others saying they simply won’t go back to church again. So many people are stuck in this place of hurt and pain that it’s difficult to go on. Boy, do I get that. Lauren has really tried to make sense of the mess and somehow has been able to get married to a wonderful man who has come along side her and together they are making the most of their combined past and going forward with intent and purpose. I love that!


  3. I love it too!
    (I get why many get stuck)

    It has taken me a lot of time: sorting-raging-sharing- and in my case feeling bitter… I was bitter, bitter, bitter, but underneath my anger/bitterness was/is a boat load of deep hurt… 5 years back, I thought I was done with faith & the church… Not so much!
    O, I am still limping along, hanging out in the pews of a Catholic church, not converting, just taking in the beauty & quiet of the Mass and opening my heart again to the depths of Christs love. Bless you for fighting for the bruised & broken.


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