And the Winner Is?

One of my “informants” passed along this information.  Even while reviews are slowly being removed, it appears that BGBC just might be the most “Google-reviewed” church in the States, currently at 933 reviews.    If someone finds out otherwise, please let me know.

And next behind is Westboro Baptist with 713 reviews:

Edited to add:  I keep stewing about this minutes after posting.  The sad thing about this whole thing is there is no winner in my book.  A winning church is one where there is a shepherd who tends to the sheep and sheep that are growing, flourishing.  I kind of wish Google would remove all of those extra reviews.  The bottom line is I wrote my original Google review because I was crying out for help for this church that I had called my church home for two years.  I loved these people in the church and I still do pray for them.  I wish someone could make this nightmare go away, that we could redo the last decade for some people, stop the shunning, stop the madness.  Off to cry one more time.  Sometimes this sucks.  Wow, I used that word again.  
Julie Anne being real

13 thoughts on “And the Winner Is?”

  1. Julie Anne: What does it mean "reviews are slowly being removed"? Who removes them?? Google? The church requests it? Or demands it with some kind of legal pressure?I thought the whole point of online reviews is that "customers" can FREELY post their OPINION of a business.


  2. Thank you. I know He does. Sometimes the "process" of getting there simply gets to me. My life and my family was completely changed after that particular man came into our lives back in 2006 and it went to a whole new level for me personally March 1, 2012. This is not what I envisioned my "normal" to be. But I'm rolling with it.


  3. Julie Ann, I dont even know you or your former pastor. To leave a review is one thing but what you are doing here is sure evil. You are no Christian. But a Rebel of Christ


  4. Anonymous: are you aware of the whole story? Julie Anne has been shunned, stalked, defamed in chuck's sermons (which should be about the gospel of Christ or attributes of His followers, not a pulpit to name peoples names – as he does, can you say gossip or hate-mongering?) He has done this to dozens of us, splitting apart families and friends with his dictates on who can talk to whom? Who can pray for whom, etc. Your hero chuck has gone to court to sue several people for not agreeing with him to the tune of a half million dollars. In his small church averaging 48-80 members, depending on the month, where do you think he is due that money? If you review defamation and libel, not only does this not meet the legal qualifications, not only does he teach his congregants to call those who disagree with his sermons wolves, goats, jezebels, etc, but legally there isn't usually a monetary award asked for or granted unless proof of loss of business or bills for medical/psychiatric care. It's a bullying tactic to silence all who disagree with him. I speak from experience having been a member. Unless you are a member you are ignorantly choosing a side as your underdog. And if you aren't a member, but a christian, do you realize that according to chuck you will burn in hell because you are not attending his church of the elect and he peaches that those that are going on to eternal glory in Heaven with God are so very few in number that his church is one of a HANDFUL that is actually saved? So, welcome to the farm, cause you are, according to chuck, a goat. Just curious, how would you react to your lawsuit? Would you sit there and feel sorry for yourself? Or would you pour yourself into helping others who are also struggling with the after effects of the abuse and what it has done to you and your children and your friends and their families? If you are a christian, I ask that instead of condemning and judging, you be in prayer for those involved. For healing, guidance, strength. For God tells us to first remove the beam from our own eye that we might SEE to help our brother remove the mote from his eye. This is not a call to judge (as you are) but a call to put ourselves right so we can lovingly help our brother. You are very critical, and I suspect it is without much compassion or education on this situation. We are called several times in God's word to "sharply rebuke" those in overseeing positions who are slaughtering His sheep. I have been a victim myself but I admire Julie Anne for being willing to be in the front lines for the rest of us. For diligently searching scripture for guidance, for the hours of prayer she engages in daily and the request for more prayer from everyone she meets. She is doing what she can, and following God's lead. She doesn't stifle peoples remarks, including non-helpful remarks like yours, because she has committed to being a tool in God's hands, giving a voice to those who need/want to be heard, including you. Despite that you are certainly not any kind of help. But she didn't silence you.


  5. Wow! Anonymous 9:50, you want to break that down for us, maybe with some Scriptural logic perhaps? Please teach us. So what you're saying here is my dear sister Julie Anne is "no Christian. But a Rebel of Christ"? Care to explain yourself? Also, you can use the name/url option without using any ID account, it's sort of an anonymous way of posting, but it enables us to distinguish you from all the other anonymous commenters. I hope you'll come back and instruct us.


  6. This is for the Anonymous Poster:You're right about one thing – you don't know Julie Anne. So how are you "qualified" to judge that she is "doing evil" and "not a Christian"?James 2:13 "For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment."


  7. Wow, that is a serious accusation to level when, as you claim, you know neither Julie Anne nor her former pastor. Please give an explanation for why you believe that Julie Anne is not a Christian and why exposing abuse is evil?


  8. Justice – it always amazes me. I know what I experienced first-hand. But to read it from another person's perspective, from someone I never knew, but was there during a different time . . . . wow . . . . to think this has been going on for so long just boggles my brain. Because of the blog and publicity, people who were connected with this church from over a decade ago have contacted me and relayed their personal stories. If nothing else, it has given me more fuel to keep going – to keep talking about spiritual abuse. Enough is enough. Thank you for standing up for me, for you, and for all the others who have been hurt. You are telling our story.


  9. In other words, "Justice" doesn't have the slightest idea of what he/she/it is writing about; yet he/she/it feels perfectly at liberty to toss such a baseless accusation.


  10. My DEEPEST apologies to "Justice." I messed up reading the screen while posting my previous message. So when I wrote "Justice", I actually meant "Anonymous June 16, 2012 9:50 AM."Justice, please accept my apologies.Anonymous, my comments to you stand.


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