Blog Update

I indulged in this bouquet from my local farmer’s market yesterday.

Admin note: well, if it weren’t for Kathi posting her Sunday posts, this blog would probably be officially dead. THANK YOU, Kathi!!!!

I didn’t plan for the silence from me. It just happened. I’ll explain more later (sooner, rather than later). It will all make sense.

In the meantime, I’m just finishing up an important post that I have never seen discussed in an article or blog post. It is about the importance of our names. I think it will be very helpful for a lot of people in harmful relationships, and I look forward to the discussion on this topic.

I have not given up on blogging. I’m still responding to personal emails and requests for help behind the scenes even though the blog has been silent from me. I will never forget the day that Dee Parsons of The Wartburg Watch blog talked to me on the phone when I was getting sued by my pastor. She took the time for me. She encouraged me, listened to my fears, told me I would win the lawsuit, and has been a dear friend ever since. This kind of support for others who are in a spiritual crisis is near and dear to me. I’m not stopping any time soon . . . if ever.

~Julie Anne

Thanks for your continued support! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blog Update”

  1. Thank you for what you do for those who have been spiritually abused Julie Anne!
    God bless you, sister,
    Scott Lyons


  2. Jimmy Hinton, in an interview with Ashley Easter, was asked to share advice for advocates and said: “Don’t stop”. Thank you for not stopping. Your blogs have “walked with me through the valley of the shadow of death” as an advocate.


  3. What, one Christian suing another Christian…in 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Paul reprimands church members who have filed lawsuits against each other. Their pettiness, suggests the apostle, lacks eternal foresight and discredits the testimony of the church. In Matthew 18:15-20, Jesus offers principles for how two believers are to resolve a conflict.


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