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Congratulations, Julie Anne!


-by Kathi

Many of you know that Julie Anne has been working on her bachelor’s degree in cyber security. How she has managed to juggle classes, kids, research and write stories for the blog, and advocate for victims is beyond me. She’s done a great job and I’m so excited for her and what she has accomplished!

Today is the last day for Julie Anne to turn in her assignments and graduation is on Friday. I hope you’ll all join me in doing a happy dance and celebrating Julie Anne!

Congratulations, friend!


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

40 thoughts on “Congratulations, Julie Anne!”

  1. Congraduations ! Wonderful to have another cybersecurity pro watching our electronic backs. Just think, the next time Beverton Grace Bible church gets hacked Chuckles will know exactly who to call to rescue his systems.

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  2. Congratulations! Growing up I was told, you can lose a lot of things in this world, but you can never lose a hard-earned education. It’s something that is yours forever. 🙂

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  3. Big congrats, JA. My son-in-law is an IT guy, my daughter is certified in some cyber stuff, and I have a math degree. Computer/IT/Cyber stuff is more difficult than math for sure!

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  4. I should add that it is even more impressive with the difficult major you had. I am sure it’s difficulty is comparable to a degree in engineering.

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  5. Hey, Julie Anne! Sorry I’ve been late congratulating you. Kept getting sidetracked.

    Here’s a video to make up for it.

    Awesome work!


  6. Sorry I’m late to the celebration, but congratulations, Julie Anne! And a warm welcome to the white hat hacker club. I’m a comp. sci. major myself. We definitely more specialists like you in our field so that we can have coding standards etc. that keep security in mind.


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