A Preacher’s Bible? Why?


JA is scratching her head. I don’t get it. Do you?



17 comments on “A Preacher’s Bible? Why?

  1. I wonder if female preachers will be encouraged to get the preachers bible.
    Will female seminary professors be allowed to teach men using this bible?
    I can just imagine how patriarchal the preachers bible is.


  2. Are there extra notes in this Bible for only pastors? Can women pastors use it? What about Charismatic pastors? Does it cost more than other Bibles – – or is there a pastors’ discount? I have some questions, obviously!


  3. I bet that this bible is going to be stuffed with notes on how (male) preachers should be interpreting scriptures… the GTY approved version. We may even end up with more instructions than actual scripture.

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  4. Well, now! Y’all must know that just any ole regular Bible ain’t good nuff fer a preacher man. It’s high time somebody did somethin’ bout it!

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  5. Here is what I never understood about “study Bibles.” The Bible is so holy. Without it, we know nothing about God. We owe nothing but reverence to Scripture. But then, why would anybody take the Holy Bible, and put their name on it. For example,

    The JOHN MACARTHUR study Bible!

    Why would you fill and intersperse within Scripture, commentaries by humans? The whole practice seems so sacrilegious and maybe even blasphemous. This isn’t just any Bible, folks. It is the The JOHN MACARTHUR study Bible!!!!

    I suppose the “Preacher’s” Bible is a step down from The JOHN MACARTHUR study Bible. It’s just bizarre.

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  6. I wonder what the earliest study Bible named after a theologian. I know of the Scoffield Study Bible. Is there any that predates the Scoffield Bible? Yeah, very sacrilegious especially coming from people who claim to a high view of Scripture and a low view of man.


  7. There are folks out there that profess “The King James Bible” is the only accurate, authentic, and authoritative Bible on the market these days. I never understood what King James had to do with Jesus as our only Lord and King, but who am I to question the hierarchal system of visible Christianity.

    Do theologians adore seeing their name in print? Even above Almighty God? It would be interesting to hear the outcry if a woman has her name or initial printed on every page of the Bible……then I fear the Gospel according to the book of man, would really become an accelerated gender mess-age.


  8. @Katy

    Do theologians adore seeing their name in print?

    This is what I imagine. When the Lord host a feast in heaven for saints, he will single out certain people for honor. I think people will be shocked to hear the names because nearly all of them will be unknowns. Those anticipate a list of big names with big followings will sorely be disappointed.

    When Jesus said, the last shall be first and the first shall be last, we will find out that he meant every word of it. In fact, many of these big names may very well fall under, “Depart from me. I never knew you.”

    Speaking of “depart from me, I never knew you.” John MacArthur says Jesus was talking about the charismatics because they claimed to have prophesied in his name. LOL. I am not making this up. (source).

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  9. Regarding a preacher’s name on the Bible, you do have the Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, and King James translations, no? I would, however, agree that putting one’s own name on God’s Word ought to be considered at least dubious.


  10. BB – Are those names front and center like John MacArthur’s? And posting the translation is different. I think it’s important to have the translation printed on the outside.


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