John Piper, Troubling Tweets

Two Troubling Tweets: John Piper

From the man who is seen as the expert on Biblical gender roles:





105 thoughts on “Two Troubling Tweets: John Piper”

  1. Bike Bubba,
    Good insight into what John the Baptist was relaying to the Roman soldiers. I know that the Bible stands on it’s own, but when we don’t realize what was going on at the time its lessons can fall on deaf ears.


  2. Joe Reed,

    I don’t disagree with all of your comment but think you totally misunderstand Piper. I know many secular men who would rather women not have to fight wars. But with technology and fewer front lines, I see that attitude changing more and more.

    However, you totally misunderstand Piper. And I wonder if you have enough experience listening to him and reading him? I know I have for the last 15 or so years when some of my family went to study and work with him and came back so totally changed (and not for the better) we were devastated. They were insufferable.

    Think about Piper for a moment and what he teaches concerning women. It would take days to go through it all. Women should not give driving directions that might make it look like they are “teaching or leading men”. Women cannot read scripture aloud in mixed worship and so on. Wives should take abuse for a season and so on and on. I won’t even get into the horrible scholarship he and Grudem put out there concernign something as benign as Junia. These men have an agenda and are willing to lie to promote it.

    Now, let us look at Piper personally. If he weights 100 lbs I would be surprised. he is a tiny man. Very short. Now, logically, if there were an issue where “brute force” were needed for defense, the chances of it being Piper are very slim. JA is tall as am I. If the building were burning down, either one of us would have to save Piper. But he could not save us. See his problem?

    Now, if you add a gun to a dangerous situation, the genders automatically beome equal in defensive positions. So Piper has to make such things a “spiritual” distinction and gender caste system. (He never seems to acknowledge Jael. :o) Penis’ rule, vaginas submit. That is basically his theology. It is Phallocentristic Christianity and he is obssessed with it. As was Driscoll and Mahaney. A lot of those guys are obssessed with it but many have emulated Piper.

    Piper’s personal problem has become his doctrine. He needs what he teaches to be true for his own self worth.

    If you have heard him use “gender role” examples from his sheltered and lonely childhood, you might understand him better. My mom used to always warn me that whatever pet issue a pastor is constantly focused on— is usually his personal problem.


  3. Lydia, one might argue that with firearms, most women are slightly superior to men because (a) they don’t make as many mistakes since they don’t think they’re John Wayne and (b) they’re generally a smaller target that doesn’t seek out conflict as much.

    “As a rule”, of course. And of course when it comes to soldiering instead of basic self-defense, there are any number of other things that are convolved that I won’t get into.

    But that aside, Patton’s quote comes to mind; “No bast**d ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bast**d die for his country.” The point of just war is not in effect suicide. It is victory followed by a just treaty for both sides. And that’s the primary difference I’ve got with that tweet of Piper’s.


  4. Do you want a face shining light like an angel, irresistible wisdom, fullnes of grace and power? Prepare to die. Stephen

    The men with white coats are coming soon.


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