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Plaintiffs in SGM Lawsuit file “Motion to Reconsider” Regarding Statute of Limitations Ruling and Conspiracy Claims

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Attorneys for the Plaintiffs in the  Sovereign Grace Ministries et al lawsuit have recently submitted a Motion to Reconsider filing to the court.    It is nine pages long.

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Brent Detwiler has weighed in on the new filing.

9 thoughts on “Plaintiffs in SGM Lawsuit file “Motion to Reconsider” Regarding Statute of Limitations Ruling and Conspiracy Claims”

  1. True. I hope that doesn’t mean a delay or the judge throwing this appeal out because of what is easily attributed to a typo. Hopefully someone has pointed this out to the plaintiffs’ lawyers.


  2. I don’t think that will be a problem. I saw all kinds of typos legal documents. Both my daughter’s name and my name were spelled incorrectly in the judge’s ruling, too.


  3. I just tweeted this: “It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor [oppressed] than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

    The article is so good! It’s great to see so many speaking out about this case. Finally!


  4. I’ll bet you deal with it a lot, too, Karl. What’s funny is when the name is right in front of them and they still mess it up. Sometimes I correct the typo, not always. I’m always fine with JA as long as you are thinking Julie Anne and not some other slang expression that starts with jack and ends in the posterior nether regions 😉


  5. OMG, Julie Anne. That link from your tweet mentioned above made me cry. That pastor, the guest poster, is from my old stomping grounds. (I was born in Bryan while my father attended Texas A&M in College Station.) What he expressed is what I’ve been hoping and praying for since I first started reading about the SGM lawsuit. This lawsuit isn’t just about SGM. This is shining a light on church ministries everywhere, and how they care (or not) for their people.

    I hope everyone will take the time to read what that pastor wrote. Is it not too late for other ministries to heed the warning and reevaluate their own motives and practices? Christa Brown, Amy Smith, and others who have been fighting this battle for so long should take heart. There is a crack in the dam, and we have the brave plaintiffs in the SGM lawsuit to thank for that.


  6. Wasn’t that a great article? Bravo to him! This absolutely does affect the Body of Christ. These guys who are supposedly Christian leaders who took a stand for CJ are not seeing the full picture. They are not defending the defenseless, but defending a proud and arrogant man.


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