Driscoll’s Church Offers Lead Pastor Residency Program – Hurry! Expires Soon!

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I owe you an apology, my dear readers.  A friend e-mailed this to me and I had meant to get it posted earlier, but the deadline is nearly here.  This will be short and sweet.   I don’t want anybody (men, that is) to miss out.  Look what Mars Hill is offering you:


Mars Hill Church’s Lead Pastor Residency Program equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be a Mars Hill lead pastor. The program is designed for men who have a track record in leading and developing leaders and who feel called to the mission of planting more Mars Hill churches. We’re seeking a diverse group of men from various backgrounds who love Jesus. If you feel like this could be you, then we would love for you to apply.

Applications are available through Tuesday, May 21st.
Click here to learn more and apply.

Wouldn’t someone like to be a lead pastor at Mars Hill?  To learn from Mark Driscoll or Mark Driscoll wannabes?  To see how this church/organization is really run?

I will allow you to write guest posts on this blog.  As an insider, you can show us how pastors really treat their wives, how they manage the congregants,  how to cuss like Driscoll, how they do church discipline, get the real scoop on church membership.   Maybe you will get special training and insight in how Driscoll can see people’s prior sex lives, activities, and thoughts.

Time is short.  This offer is only available through May 21, 2013.  West Coast people still have time – less than 2 hours.  Hurry!  And be sure to let me know if you get accepted.  I’ll have my attorney work up a contract for you to write guest posts.

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But wait . . . there’s more.  Imagine being able to do this:

Click the link now.  Before it’s too late:   This offer is only available through May 21, 2013

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20 comments on “Driscoll’s Church Offers Lead Pastor Residency Program – Hurry! Expires Soon!

  1. O my lands… Spooky-Creepy.

    Upon Grandpa being asked, did you molest me? That Grandpa would admit that he did. Not buying that for a minute, pedophiles lie through their teeth.

    My wacky brain immediately went to the movie The Sixth Sense
    “I see dead people.” Thanks for the chuckle J.A.


  2. How does one know that they were abused when they were 1 year old? cause “Pastor Mark told me. I’m not a guru, I’m not a freak, I don’t talk about this. If I did talk about it everybody would want to meet with me and I would end up like one of those guys on TV, but some of you have this visual ability to see things.”

    So pastor Mark is not like one of the guys on TV. However, he is just like one of those guys on the Internet for saying these things.


  3. I’m really, really sorry, Andrew. I feel so bad that it’s too late for you to learn how to be one of those guys saying those things. 😉

    It really is crazy, isn’t it?


  4. Julie Anne,
    The scary thing is I used to admire this man and I would have probably jumped at the opportunity to be mentored by him less than a year ago. It is good you and others are exposing this foolishness. It really is creepy.


  5. I’ve always wondered about this thing where pastors are held so high and have a following far outside of those in their local church. It’s like people think these guys have a direct line with God that we normal folks cannot attain. It’s easy to fall into that trap and is the perfect setup if a pastor starts to really like his influence and uses his power to control. I’m not sure what Mark was like before his fame, but he has gotten off track.


  6. http://thegospelcoalition.org/resources/video/Rightly-Dividing-the-Word-of-Truth

    Driscoll pretty much believes in following “chain of command” in church in his fiefdom. I am not sure of the exact ecclesiastical structure in Mars Hill but it seems like it may be similar to what CC had in place with Chuck Smith at the top. I would steer people away from churches like this since by the very nature of having a celebrity pastor in charge seems to do very little in the way of accountability for guys at the top of the food chain.


  7. Julie Anne

    I don’t think they call it Moses Model in Mars Hill. Since Mark Driscoll is coming from a somewhat emergent philosophy the name Moses Model, I am sure is not contextualized enough. In Calvary Chapel they have an informal episcopacy where a rogue senior pastor can be disaffiliated if they choose to do so. However in Mars Hill it is probably a more formal affiliation than CC has. Chuck Smith says all the churches are independent but I am guessing that pastor Driscoll would not say that about Mars Hill churches.


  8. Now didn’t the pastors wife who claimed to see darkness of a pastor get shamed this past Sunday in an sgm church by them sayin that docs said she was mentally ill?


  9. Wouldn’t someone like to be a lead pastor at Mars Hill? To learn from Mark Driscoll or Mark Driscoll wannabes? To see how this church/organization is really run?

    To get thrown under the bus when you have outlived your usefulness?
    Or when the Pastor/Dictator needs a scapegoat?


  10. I am a little confused. Is it your belief that that the gift of discernment he describes doesn’t exist, that God doesn’t work that way in this day and age? Or are you sharing the clip to help others see just how self centered a man this guy is? Or both, neither?
    While I personally believe in the gift of discernment, and would not limit the Spirit to say that God wouldn’t work the way described. What this pastor does with his gift does led me to question his wisdom and maturity. What person while counseling someone upon realizing beyond doubt that the person they are there trying to help was abused would send a victim’s to confront the abuser alone and ask for conformation just so he could brag about what he saw?


  11. Hi Stiles – Your name looks familiar, but my blog says you are new, so welcome 🙂

    I can’t remember if I’ve posted anything on Driscoll here before. As you can read from my snarkiness in the article, Driscoll definitely has some issues that I find troublesome. He crosses the line on the topic of sex. I don’t have a problem with the gift of discernment at all, but for him, yes, I do because it is odd in conjunction with his preoccupation with sex. There are many accounts of spiritual abuse at Mars Hill – some really sad stories. There are issues regarding their membership process, church discipline process, the way leaders are treated. A simple Google search will have your head spinning.

    Your last question is a great one and should be a red flag – great discernment there 🙂


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