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For the media: Former homeschoolers rally against abuse

While, in general, I think homeschooling can be a wonderful alternative to traditional schooling, I am concerned about some problems that are now coming to surface expressed by homeschool graduates. As a veteran homeschooling mom of 20+ years, I unfortunately bought into some dangerous teachings and cult-like philosophies of the “homeschool movement.” I am saddened by some of my choices and am happy to partner with others in exposing this culture in an effort to raise awareness. Perhaps with this awareness, we can weed out more of the dangerous leanings of those self-appointed leaders in the “homeschool movement” and focus on actually homeschooling. ~Julie Anne

Homeschoolers Anonymous

For the media: 

Former homeschoolers rally against abuse

March 16, 2013

A group of former homeschoolers are joining together to bring awareness to, and healing from, different forms of abuse in extreme homeschooling subcultures. The organization, Homeschoolers Anonymous (HA), is being coordinated by former homeschoolers across the United States, including California, Louisiana, Oregon, and Washington.

According to recent surveys, approximately 2 million children are taught at home in the United States. The total number of home-educated kids doubled between 1999 and 2007. While some are being homeschooled in non-Christian families, the National Home Education Research Institute claims almost three-quarters of those 2 million children have conservative Christian parents who aim to pass on their moral and religious values to their kids through home education. This makes religion the primary motivating factor behind this form of education.

HA’s creator is R.L. Stollar, who was homeschooled from K-12 and currently resides in…

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6 thoughts on “For the media: Former homeschoolers rally against abuse”

  1. JA, I was home schooled up to high school. What kind of dangerous ideas/abuse are you specifically referring to?


  2. Seth – that’s a loaded question. Look in my categories under: homeschool movement, patriarchy, full-quiver, modesty, purity teachings, courtship. Some homeschoolers never experienced any of this – others experienced a lot and I’m seeing a pattern of homeschooled kids who are now adults and who are going 180 degrees from the way their parents “trained” them, most likely in response to their rigid upbringing. There are definitely some parts of the homeschooling movement which are not working well and yielding negative results. Homeschooling in general I think is great. When parents buy into certain agendas that fed to them at homeschool conventions, homeschool connections, you can run into problems.


  3. Really Julie Anne you are correct on this observation. I know being at a few homeschooling conventions myself I could have gone this route, but being a “rebellious” homeschool mom I did not fit in quite well.
    What is the goal of homeschooling anyway? To create perfect kids or to genuinely have a desire to be with them and grow with your kids? Is it to create a protective bubble from the rest of the world or to use this opportunity to get them out as active witnesses and doers of the Word? Now I cannot come on here and say that I did exactly what I just posed as questions because I had to get rid of some nasty beliefs about what I was suppose to do as a homeschool mom, but I am on the road with the Lord and growing.


  4. JA, I didn’t mean for it to be loaded, it was a sincere question. I hadn’t read your other posts. I have problems with parts of the movement too, buying think there should be more freedom from the secular authorities to do it without issues


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