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Listing of Articles Related to Amended Sovereign Grace Lawsuit

There are so many new articles coming out on the amended Sovereign Grace lawsuit, I decided to compile them in order to help whomever wants to start making complete documentation of the goings on of this abusive church system.  These are listed in no particular order.  If you see any that I’ve missed, please feel free to add links in the comments and I will update.  Thanks!


SGM LAWSUIT: WHAT FEEDS THE CRAZY? Blogger Hånnah describes her 10 yrs at SGM. 1/25/13

Sovereign Grace Ministries: Courts Shouldn’t ‘Second-Guess’ Pastoral Counseling of Sex Abuse Victims 1/25/13 – Excellent article by Christianity Today

Charismatic Leader Explains Corporal Punishment Abuse Charges 1/24/13 Charisma News article

The Legal Defense Strategy of Sovereign Grace Ministries 1/24/13 Brent Detwiler discusses what he believes to be SGM legal defense strategy

Beware of Spiritual Abuse – Pastor Ken Silva writes at one of the most popular Christian discernment blogs, Apprising Ministries, discusses spiritual abuse, the Shepherding Movement, and Sovereign Grace Ministries.

SOVEREIGN GRACE MINISTRIES: LAWSUIT ALLEGES YET ANOTHER INSTITUTIONAL, CHILD ABUSE COVER-UP Roger Canaff, Legal Expert, Anti-Violence and Child Protection Advocate discusses the case on his blog.

Brent Detwiler:  Ominous Signs in Amended Lawsuit Portend Worse Things to Come for Sovereign Grace Ministries 1/18/13

Janet Mefford radio show discusses lawsuit (around 9 minute mark)

Larry Tomczak Accused of Spanking / Depriving a Female of Food – The Wartburg Watch blog discusses Carla Coe story. 1/18/13

The Lawsuit Against SGM and “Waiting for the Other Side of the Story” – Matt Redmond questions why people remain silent with the abuse going on at SGM.  A MUST read!!  01/18/13.

TWW Tutorial:  How to Build the Church From Hell – Using the outline from the SGM lawsuit, Dee shows how to build the church from hell. 01/17/13.

Abusive pastors that beat people with sticks – article discussing Tomczak and Plaintiff Carla Coe’s story. 01/17/13.

Sovereign Grace Ministries Lawsuit, Patriarchy, and Spanking of Adult Children blog post discussing Plaintiff Carla Coe’s experience of being spanked as an adult child.  by Julie Anne of 01/17/13.

A Closer Look at the Amended Lawsuit and Paula Poe’s Complaint – Deb of The Wartburg Watch blog focuses on “Paula Poe.” 01/16/13

Update on Amended Lawsuit Covenant Life Church issues a statement on the amended lawsuit. 01/16/13

Updated Statement on the Amended Civil Lawsuit from Plant & Build, News & Resources for Sovereign Grace Churches. 01/15/13

Sex Abuser Arrested , Indicted from Tolling Bell blog – unclear if this case is connected with current lawsuit, but the arrest occurred around the same time the amended lawsuit came out and is connected with SGM/CLC. 01/15/13.

Pedophilia Ring Alleged Along With Systematic Cover-Up Christ Culture News. 01/14/13.

Suit accuses Sovereign Grace Ministries of covering up alleged child sexual abuse Worldwide Religious News. 01/14/13.

More alleging evangelical church hid sexual abuse – (same Dylan Lovan AP report as below). 01/15/13.

More alleging evangelical church hid sexual abuse WTOP Maryland report. 01/15/13.

About the Amended Complaint Filed Against SGM – from Echoes and Stars blog – beautiful post on why we should care. 01/15/13.

New charges filed in abuse lawsuit – ABP news, by Bob Allen. 01/15/13.

Two more congregations leave Sovereign Grace Ministries, one of them a defendant in lawsuit Peter Smith article, 01/15/13.

Lawsuit accuses Tenn. pastor of abuse – report by Bob Smietana, USA TODAY. 01/15/13.

Amended SGM Lawsuit Alleges Naked Beatings by Larry Tomczak – former SGM member recounts Tomczak and discusses SGM culture. 01/16/13.

Franklin pastor accused of abuse in lawsuit – Article from The Tennessean focuses primarily on Larry Tomczak, his past and abuse allegations connected with the lawsuit. 01/15/13.

Updated Statement on the Amended Civil Lawsuit – Press Release from SGM. 01/15/13.

Class Action Lawsuit Naming Sovereign Grace Ministries Is Expanded Brent Detwiler features entire lawsuit – unedited. 01/14/13.

More alleging evangelical church hid sexual abuse SF Chronicle’s AP story by Dylan Lovan. 01/15/13.

Sovereign Grace: More allege church hid sex abuse – WJLA news. 01/15/13.

Lawsuit expands abuse allegations against Sovereign Grace Ministries Courier-Journal article by Peter Smith.  Peter Smith has done excellent articles involving this case. 01/14/13.

Sovereign Grace Ministries Amended Lawsuit – Leaders: Show Me the Proof! – Julie Anne discusses the doctrinal culture that feeds into this abusive church system. 01/14/13.

Amended SGM Lawsuit Shocking Allegations of rape/child abuse by pastors at CLC/Larry Tomczak – Christian Agnostic blog covers the new story. 01/15/13.

More Alleging Evangelical Church Hid Sexual Abuse – A Kosher International News Media. 01/15/13.

Child Abuse Lawsuit Against Sovereign Grace Ministries Adds Names and Charges – Christianity Today. 01/15/13.

Lawsuit features Sovereign Grace Ministries and Co-Founders – Good synopsis with lots of links.  ”As it was surfacing, I was lacking time to look into it. I was, however, in contact with some “names” well known within the Christian blogosphere who said that they were aware of it and found it not worth reporting.” – Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries  (Pardon me while I gag.) 01/14/13.

Rick Ross Cult Education Forum Discusses Sovereign Grace Ministries – As of now, 17 pages of comments and articles here.  This first post on this thread began in 2008.

More Alleging Evangelical Church Hid Sexual Abuse – Baltimore CBS local news picks up the story. 01/15/13.


Lawsuit Claims Sovereign Grace Ministries Concealed Sex Abuse – Christine Pack of Sola Sisters. 10/20/12.

AMENDED ABUSE LAWSUIT VS SOVEREIGN GRACE MINISTRIES – Ratherexposethem blog discusses lawsuit. 01/15/13.

Lawsuit expands abuse allegations against Sovereign Grace Ministries – Black Christian News in Indiana covers the amended lawsuit. 01/14/13.

SGM Amended Lawsuit: Too Bad Joe Paterno Wasn’t a Neo-Calvinist – Dee of The Wartburg Watch blog makes challenges celebrity pastors who have remained silent on this issue.  A must read! 01/15/13.

The Tolling Bell – A new blog dedicated solely to SGM, featuring news articles and original articles. 01/14/13.

Abuse Thrives in Culture of Shame – blogger Virginia Knowles takes on the SGM story. 01/15/13.

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