Weird John Piper Tweet: Who Can Figure This Out?

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What does this John Piper tweet mean? As of this posting, 22 people have said it is their favorite and 26 people have retweeted it, so it obviously means something to them, but it means gobbledygook to me. Please, someone help me out.

You can read the comments here, including some from yours truly.

* * * New info here:   oh, and by the way, Piper has 414,727 followers, so all of them got this tweet.  Hellooooooooo – – – who tweets stuff like this to 414,727 followers?

Edited 1/9/13 to add this.  You all know I have a warped sense of humor – – I took a screen shot of the keyword searches people are using and ending up on my blog (stemming from  Piper’s weird tweet):

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 7.43.59 AM

Great way to start the day!  🙂  Oh, and Piper gained a couple hundred more followers since last report.  One cannot tell from Twitter whether they are “genuine” followers.  I follow him to see what he’s up to.  Others may genuinely like verbiage.

24 comments on “Weird John Piper Tweet: Who Can Figure This Out?

  1. Psalm 42:7
    Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.

    That is the only ref in the Bible for Deep calleth unto deep. Context shows nothing about necklines.

    Piper has a lust problem. He shouldn’t be looking at cleavage.

    Nor should he be alone reading the Song of Solomon.

    Michael Brown reminds me of a guy I knew that told me that I should read Ellen G White books, because she is soooo inspirational. I asked, “Why, she was soooooo wrong in her prophesies.”

    Sounds like he is a Piper worshipper.


  2. So he says, “deep calls unto deep”, but then he’s talking about “her” necklines and “his” knowing?

    Ok, the deep necklines – – – what’s that about? This sounds Song of Solomon-ish.

    And “knowing” – – -does that refer to the sexual connotation of knowing – – as in
    “but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus”?

    And then who is the pronoun “his” referring to – – – Jesus? If so, what is Jesus doing in THAT sentence?

    As I said – – this is WEIRD!


  3. It would really help if we knew who the “her” and “his” were. He is obviously trying to make a cleavage joke, only I think he needed more than 140 characters. Maybe? The phrase “deep calls to deep” is so ubiquitous out side of the Bible, that he did not necessarily have to allude to the verse.

    Maybe, a deep neckline causes someone to look deep and God knowing is also deep?


  4. Not helped that Twitter only allows 160 characters per tweet. Kind of hard to say anything deeper than “I did a poopie!” in that length.


  5. I suggest going to YouTube and searching for “Boobs a Lot” by Holy Modal Rounders or “Rufus is a Tit Man” by Loudon Wainwright. The latter might have filk potential substituting “Piper” for “Rufus” and running with it.


  6. Maybe he means that a woman who sports a deep neckline would be wise to remember that God’s knowing is deep, i.e. God knows exactly what she’s doing wearing that low cut top, and if she remembered that God knows and sees all, maybe she wouldn’t be so immodest.

    But if he meant this, he could easily have made it clear by using a capital H for ‘His knowing’.


  7. Sergius – Twitter does not always behave in the way I think it should. What I’d do is click on @JohnPiper and then scroll down to find the original tweet. It shouldn’t be too far down.

    However, I just did this and I see that most of the conversation that was there when I originally responded cannot be found. There were probably 8 other people who were responding things like: “say what?” “what does this mean?” For some reason, when I look at it now, I can only see my tweet conversation with Michael (who, btw, has yet to respond and give me his interpretation).


  8. “Deep calls to deep necklines knowing
    Deep calls to deep necklines
    Wife Sounding…”

    Sounds like Weird Al Yankovic doing Frank Zappa.


  9. Maybe we’re seeing a future Praise & Worship chorus in the making?

    “Deep calls to deep necklines knowing
    Deep calls to deep necklines
    Wife Sounding…”


  10. “Sometimes I eat too much — and throw up…

    …But I’ll still be back for my My MY bologna!”

    No, Dr. Piper, the preceding message is the copywrighted material of Weird Al Yankovic and you may not tweet it.


  11. Like many Pastors (men), for generation past, they think lust is control from that which is the external. Yet scriptures tell us quite the opposite from Genesis all the way to Revelation. But the scripture having to do with deep to deep has to do with one’s soul being in such utter grief that it seem as thought the person is being enveloped and rolled over and over by it.

    Has absolutely nothing to with modesty or anything to do with one’s proper attitude, demeanor, or heart positions towards another or even to one self. Piper has serious problems with understanding sexuality and gender identification. It would seem to me that much of it lies withan his own belief that one cannot control or contain or to modify their beliefs and values to align up with that of the bible regarding woman as human beings who are created by God as being equal with men. Unfortunately, he has, like many throughout the ages bought into the idea that it is women who cause men to fall and slide into sexualizing women.

    As for modestly, I believe we ought to dress modestly as not to stumble. Now, exactly what that means is contingent on the female being honest in asking herself, “why I am dressing or not dressing this way,” and “what type of attention am I seeking from this,” As for men or woman lusting, a person needs to get honest and figure out why it is that they are sexualizing or objectifying a person. Not blaming them in what they are doing—for it is the heart that decides what perspective one will hold towards such things.

    Try to remember, a female can be fully clothed with a winter jacket, gloves, hat, and boots on, and a man will lust—–that my friends comes purely from a heart and mind that needs to repent and stop blaming everything and everyone else.

    When men stop giving an excuse for what God tells them ought not be, but to love one another as He has loved them, they will find that they have fallen severely short in fullfilling God’s plan as designated in KJV Genesis 1:26-27. God made them in His image. In His image, He made them male and female. And He told them to rule and have dominion. Jesus set us free and loosed the bondage of the curse, so that we have dwell together mutually side by side now having the Holy Spirit and all being of the Royal Priesthood. I agree, Piper is projecting his struggles upon that which he refuses to take responsibility. In this, much abuse is committed against the female gender and the male is totally robbed of the partner God meant him to have.

    Hey Julie Anne,, Nice change in sites.


  12. Uriahisaliveandwell said: Now, exactly what that means is contingent on the female being honest in asking herself, “why I am dressing or not dressing this way,” and “what type of attention am I seeking from this,”

    I don’t know if you read my post about the Christian Modesty Police (yesterday’s post), but teaching young ladies to have these types of questions would be so much better than all of the legalistic rules that some church leaders try to impose on ladies/girls. That type of questioning goes to the heart of the matter in a way that teaches young ladies to really think more deeply about their choices instead of following rules which they don’t understand or want to follow because they seem rigid.

    BTW – I edited “Pike” instead of “Piper” in your comment. I really wanted people to get your message clearly without distraction because I believe your comment is so important.

    I had not thought of this as Piper’s issue of projecting his struggles in this tweet. This is not the first time he has said something off like this and of sexual nature. That’s very interesting.

    Thanks for your kind words.


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