Six Homeschool Brothers Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse against Younger Sister


Six brothers from a large homeschool family were arrested for allegedly sexually violating their younger sister for 10 years.  Parents, John and Nita Jackson, were also charged for failing to report. Two of the brothers were members of Scott Brown’s  (NCFIC) Hope Bible Church.



Six North Carolina brothers were arrested last week for allegedly sexually molesting their younger sister for over a decade, beginning when she was 4 years old until she was 14 years old.  The names of the brothers are Eric Jackson, 27,  Jon, 25, Matthew, 23, Nathaniel, 21, Benjamin, 19, and Aaron, 18. The charges include statutory rape, sexual assault, and rape. The young girl is currently 16 years old. The young men belong to a homeschool family with 11 children. At the time of the alleged abuse, they were living in North Carolina and two of the brothers were reportedly members of Scott Brown’s church, Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

The men’s parents – John Jackson, 65, and Nita Jackson, 54 – also were charged with felony child abuse and released after posting a $15,000 secured bond. Tilley said they were charged because they were aware of the abuse and failed to take action.  (

Scott Brown, Dan Horn

Scott Brown has had very close ties with the now defunct Vision Forum Ministries and recently fallen Christian Patriarchal leader, Doug Phillips. Brown also heads up National Centers for Family -Integrated Churches which was originally connected with Vision Forum’s ministry.  Church Elder Dan Horn also has similar connections with Vision Forum Ministries.

The church elder said he took Eric in December 2012 to speak with detectives and added he would have contacted investigators if Eric hadn’t agreed to do it.

“We believe their repentance is genuine,” Horn said.

 Note this book authored by both Scott Brown and Dan Horn, which was published by Vision Forum Ministries in 2007.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.41.17 PM

Eric Jackson, 27 yrs, allegedly reported the crimes to church elder, Dan Horn.  Two of the brothers were members of the church, the rest of the family is not.  My source has told me that the two brothers became convicted of their sin and felt the need to confess to church leadership.  That is when Horn acknowledged the sin and show of repentance, but also said the crimes must be reported to authorities.

PilotOnline.come interviewed with Dan Horn, an elder from Hope Baptist Church:

Horn said Eric and his brother, Jon, are both members of Hope Baptist Church. He said Jon also is cooperating with investigators.

The church elder said he took Eric in December 2012 to speak with detectives and added he would have contacted investigators if Eric hadn’t agreed to do it.

“We believe their repentance is genuine,” Horn said.


This is an interesting story in many ways.  While there are connections with Vision Forum Ministries, it’s interesting to note how this sex abuse case was handled.  This young girl (clearly a minor) was allegedly abused around the same time as Lourdes Torres-Manteufel. She was in a large and most likely Patriarchal family. When word got out to church leaders in this case, they acted promptly. We did not see the same swift response in the Doug Phillips situation at Boerne Christian Assembly.

But there are some red flags that cannot be ignored.  When a homeschooling family is isolated from neighbors, with very little connections, abuse can go on unnoticed for years.  What a tragedy.  Please pray for this young girl who has a lifetime ahead of her trying to make sense of why her older brothers and parents allowed her body to be used in such a despicable way.


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When the brothers turned themselves in, most of them were emotionless.

“The first kid, it seems to be like a relief, but even when they came to turn themselves in last week, it was like, ‘We’re here.’ I don’t think they know the magnitude of what they’ve done because I don’t think they knew it was wrong,” says Sheriff Tilley, “They haven’t been taught any differently. I’m not sure when that’s going to sink in exactly what they were doing was wrong.



208 comments on “Six Homeschool Brothers Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse against Younger Sister

  1. Telling the truth and knowing how badly we have been abused by these so-called leaders, can just make us grumpy sometimes.

    Yes, Young Living is what we call a “pyramid”, but I think that James McDonald wrote an article or did a Vimeo about that and addressed it and defended Stacy’s involvement in that, when it was questioned about whether it was a godly way to make a living or not. I hear that someone in her position makes about $25,000.00 a year or more. It’s good money that one can make off of everyone else’s work.


  2. Refugee — I think Jordan has dropped off for a bit. Maybe perhaps due to the McDonald comments. Also, the McDonalds do not hold to “By their fruit you shall know them”. They believe that as long as you are baptized and a member of the local church (ie Federal Vision) you are a Christian. As long as you say, “I am sorry that I have been abusing a 4 year old child (or 17 year old young woman) sexually”, they consider you repentant. Read Stacy’s comments concerning DP. They do not hold to the biblical teaching that says, “showing forth fruit unto repentance”. They also do not hold to the biblical teaching of two or more witnesses. When James had his credentials take from him, he and the others formed this new denomination, the CPC, so as to formulate their own theologies and doctrines. You should take a read through that sometime.


  3. “I don’t have much sympathy for the boys who did this.”

    Brenda R, glad not to be the only one. I actually have no sympathy for them. Are we really supposed to believe that not ONE brother had ANY kind of inkling for TEN WHOLE YEARS that rape is wrong? Yeah, right. Not buying it.


  4. Oasis, Thank you for your stand. No matter how you are raised there has to be something in someone’s heart that says no, these things aren’t right.


  5. Folks in this camp tend towards theonomy, no? That calls for a good stoning to death, right? Maybe if society stopped letting convicted pedophiles off with counseling and short jail terms if any (while embezzlers go to jail for 15 years), good Christian homeschoolers would realize that sex with your 4 year old sister is wrong. It will be a test to see how true to theonomy some of these leaders turn out to be when sentencing rolls around. Perhaps they’ll cut theonomy loose along with Phillips?

    Alice Miller wrote about how mandatory submission turns people into obedient slaves with no moral engagement. It destroys one’s ability to think critically and creates the Nazi Doctor. And what do you do with them?

    I’m certainly glad that I’m not Solomon, and above all, may justice be established. Solomon can figure out where mercy and if mercy should come in — and I hope that the court does that task justice.


  6. “What I saw was defensiveness and self-justification.”

    The Patriarchal house of cards is crumbling. Too many spiritually abused victims are finding each other online and comparing notes. And when this happens the money starts drying up. It is hard to keep up the “gossip” Schick when you can no longer isolate people with threats of sin sniffing.

    Add to that, their vague rebuking comments sound bizarre to those not mired in the movement. Like something out of North Korea.

    Anyone else notice Stacy barely gives the young abused girl much compassion at all. She is more interested in protecting her Patriarchal wife position. She might have to double up on the love bombing cult tactic.


  7. Lydia, I don’t believe Stacy showed any true compassion for this child at all. Her heart is too hard for that and is much too brain washed into the cult to see it.


  8. I think it is time for women to get more involved in church leadership. Let’s face it. the guys in charge have done a terrible job. Scripturally, I don’t think God created man to rule autonomously. I think God created men and women to balance out each other. Some men (the one’s who want to be in power) think with their egos and with*****. After 20 years of intense Bible Study from 1978-1998, I learned a lot about women’s role . I think it would be useful for any / and all of us to do a search of the Bible on Women’s role. I think we might all be surprised that God did not intend us to be spiritual underlings. To get back on point, most women hate child abuse. The men in this movement need to be held in check by us women.

    I know there are many good Godly men out there who are just as appalled and disgusted by all the recent happenings. I am not addressing you. I am married to a good guy who treats me as an equal partner. I just wish that for all our Christian brothers and sisters. Let’s just stop the child abuse. And the Woman abuse.


  9. I found this:

    Suspect confessed after hearing the gospel at Wake Forest church. “Most of the children in the family are now grown, but a younger brother remains at home, likely in Colorado, said Tilley. The victim, now 16, was placed in the custody of an older half-brother in Colorado, he added.”

    Also this:

    What do the charges mean?

    In North Carolina, the age of consent is 16 years. This means vaginal intercourse or any sexual act with a person under the age of 16 is illegal, even if the individual claims consent was given.
    Following are basic definitions of some of the charges against the defendants:


    Rape of a child: Vaginal intercourse with a victim under the age of 13 years by a perpetrator at least 18 years old.

    Statutory rape: Vaginal intercourse with victim 13-15 years old by a perpetrator at least six years older than the victim.

    Sexual offense: Engaging in a sexual act (other than vaginal intercourse) with a victim under the age of 13 years by a perpetrator at least 18 years old.

    First degree sexual offense: Engaging in a sexual act (other than vaginal intercourse) with a victim under the age of 13 years by a perpetrator who is at least 12 years old and also at least four years older than the victim; or by a perpetrator who uses threat of deadly force, who inflicts serious injury or who is aided and abetted by one or more other perpetrators.

    Felony child abuse: John Jackson was charged with the non-assaultive felony child abuse. N.C. statutes classify a parent or guardian who commits or allows any sexual act with a child, or who commits willful or grossly negligent care with reckless disregard for life as committing felony child abuse.


  10. Headless Unicorn Guy said

    On one of these blogs, someone cited a study that the most common trait of a sociopath is the ability to Play The Innocent Victim and get others to feel sorry for them.

    If I’m not mistaken (it’s been a while since I read the book), that trait is mentioned in the book The Sociopath Next Door. A lot of sociopaths use pity to manipulate people and cover their tracks.


  11. @ Cindy K.:

    What is the Craster’s Keep?

    If I recall correctly, Craster has a huge harem and marries his own daughters. Thankfully he dies at some point.

    And FWIW, I know for a fact they added nudity to the show that wasn’t in the books. I like the books better.


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  13. Leslie, I hope you rethink your position and come to the conclusion that mutual submission and true biblical equality is the only way. I, too, would like to sweep all men out of leadership, but that would only mean that “feminism is the true enemy of the church” and the abuses by women would become the problem.


  14. For those who are inclined to pile on with a guilt-by-association argument and consign parents whose child-rearing principles and practices they deplore to close monitoring by Child Protection Services and public school bureaucrats, another recent case provides an illuminating example to ponder. All authority is vulnerable to abuse, and none is beyond reproach. Given the power of the state, state authority is generally more vulnerable to abuse than the legitimate authority of parents.


  15. Another Doug comments on the failings of Doug Phillips and some of those who found his leadership appealing:
    The conclusion of his post:
    Many years ago, I had a weekly radio column on KWSU, a local public radio station. This was a fun gig while it lasted, which was until the time that I said on the air that men were necessarily dominant. The only question before the house was whether or not that dominance was going to be constructive or destructive. This was one of my early encounters with liberal tolerance for views other than their own, and it was an educational experience.

    The point is that patriarchy is inescapable, and our only choice is between men being faithful, for blessing, and men failing, for humiliation and chastisement. The thesis is not that men are good, but rather that men are crucial. When they are crucial and selfish, a lot of bad things happen. When they are crucial and obedient, a lot of good follows.

    Nothing that has happened at Vision Forum changes this reality. Men are not automatically a blessing. They are called to be a blessing. When they refuse, or when they turn away, the effects are devastating. This was one of the things taught by Vision Forum, and it is a reality that we can see the truth of now in the shuttering of the ministry. And when we have had the truth of something so manifestly displayed for us, that is not the time to abandon it.


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  20. Why would you assume the family is patriarchal? Because they have a lot of kids? They don’t even attend church as a family. I would think the fact that the 2 boys that did attend church were the ones that confessed says something. Many many families that aren’t homeschoolers or patriarchal have incest issues. I’ve read so many tragic stories…Just one of many here. Nothing patriarchal about this family. — Beth


  21. I agree with Beth. It’s poor logic and unkind, not to mention sinful, to accuse people of things without clear knowledge. Thus all mean pastors = neo-Calvinists, and all incestuous people = of patriarchy, etc. etc. Would people stop lumping everybody into categories that are not appropriate? I love SSB and TWW (esp. the owners) but some of the commenters go beserk IMO.


  22. Beth and Godith.

    I was born and raised in Christian patriarchy, and MOST of the women and children in my family were sexually terrorized by bible loving, church going men, men that loved the female submission bible verses.

    The man that sexually terrorized me my whole childhood talked none stop about female submission, it was his favorite. He never told the police, and for me to tell the police would be me not being submissive to him like the female canine/little girl sex slave I was trained to be in Christian patriarchy.

    Patriarchy just turns on men that have the same feelings about women and little girls as Ariel Castro and Phillip Garrido. Trapped women and little girls that can not say no to men, and have to have sex against their will, no liberty.

    “but some of the commenters go beserk IMO”

    Way to minimize the toxic life ruining pain Christian patriarchy heaps on little girls and women.

    I have seen many christian patriarchy men get feral at the idea of women and little girls having the right to tell Christian patriarchy men and their sexually sadistic sons NO!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. @Godith,

    One sexually abusive family was described in this story and different facts that were known about them. No one said that ALL families with those same characteristics were all abusive. For instance, the family was factually described as being from North Carolina. No one has said that all North Carolinians are sexually abusive.

    It is not illogical, unkind or sinful to state known facts in a particular case.


  24. I have no interest in patriarchy but my point is that not all incestuous people are church-going, patriarchal homeschoolers. Of course anyone who has a low view of men, women, or children is apt to indulge this hatred by attacking sexually or otherwise to fulfil his/her own lusts. Evil is out there–it is not confined to homeschoolers, big families, or for that matter (something I often hear) people from West Virginia. I have no doubt that men who want to appear holy join churches that appear to be Bible believing but that have a low view of women, and this coincides with the sinful man’s own predilections, and thus he abuses people and feels not so bad about it. Churches need to stop this kind of teaching. The New Testament has a high view of women, not a low one. The Bible is not at fault–sinful people are, including pastors and teachers who promote it. And of course the abusers who abuse. They don’t get a pass because they go to a bad church. Each person must bear the consequence of his/her own sin.


  25. “I have no interest in patriarchy but my point is that not all incestuous people are church-going, patriarchal homeschoolers. ” Godith

    You honestly think that no one else has ever figured that out, including here?
    Give people some credit!


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