Press Coverage: Interviews and Articles

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Interviews:  I am available for interviews for topics related to spiritual abuse and other topics covered on the blog, ie, abuse among Homeschool Movement, Patriarchy, Full-Quiver, wife spanking, defamation lawsuit by my former pastor, etc.


Most Recent Interviews at the Top

The following interviews are various topics ranging from the lawsuit, to cases I have covered on the blog, the sub-culture within the fundamental Christian Homeschool Movement, patriarchy, and spiritual abuse.

For a detailed listing of media interviews and articles, please see the BGBC Defamation Lawsuit – Media/Blog Response Timeline.  The lawsuit went viral.  The original Beaverton Grace Bible Church Survivors blog was getting about 400 hits per day before the media exposure and during the height of media attention, received between 17,000 and 18,000 hits per day.

Articles referencing Spiritual Sounding Board or Julie Anne Smith with regard to spiritual abuse, Homeschool Movement, etc.:

Here are some of the top stories/articles related to the Beaverton Grace Bible Church/Chuck O’Neal $500,000 defamation lawsuit against Julie Anne Smith, Hannah Smith, Kathy Stephens, Jason Stephens, and Meaghan Varela (former church members):

Lawyers, Civil Rights and First Amendment Rights advocates were interested in the case:

Related articles about Chuck O’Neal:

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3 comments on “Press Coverage: Interviews and Articles

  1. Hi Julie-Anne,

    I already have a radio interview lined up for you this month in Florida if you want to do a show…may have others too for you.

    James Sundquist


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