TW Eston, Co-Blogger at Jen’s Gems blog is a Rushdoony Fan and a Kinist?

*     *     * TW Eston blogs with Jen at Jen’s Gems blog who has been exposing Doug Phillips of Vision Forum.  It’s been pretty obvious that he is a fan of Rushdoony, but he’s also Kinist? … Continue reading

The Homeschool Movement: Its Reconstructionist Roots and Rushdoony’s Influence

“We are authorized by God to challenge all that is not godly!” Rushdoony thundered. “God is angry with the wicked every day, and the sins of the wicked deserve the infliction of God’s wrath in this life as well as … Continue reading

Capturing the Minds of Daughters via Reconstructionism, Gary DeMar, The American Vision, and the Homeschool Movement

Victim of Bill Gothard’s Teachings Speaks out about Josh Duggar Scandal, Mike Huckabee: Bill Gothard’s Dangerous Agenda and Influence in Political Arena and Society at Large

*** Bill Gothard, Mike Huckabee, Sex Abuse Coverup, Political and Social Influence, and an Agenda

Learn to Discern: Response to the Doug Phillips Sex Abuse Scandal

 *     *     * Learn to discern – taking a closer look at a response to the Doug Phillips sex abuse scandal *     *     *

How do you warn someone about a dangerous spiritual group? What if that person is your spouse?

*** How do you warn someone about a dangerous or spiritually abusive leader or group?  What if that someone is your spouse? ***

Chalcedon Foundation Privately Donated Funds to Joe Taylor to Help His Legal Defense Against Doug Phillips

*     *     * Chalcedon Foundation discloses they privately contributed to Joe Taylor’s legal defense against Doug Phillips, and discussion on Reconstructionism and “Biblical Patriarchy” *     *     *

The Homeschool Movement: Reconstructionist Movement, Michael Farris, HSLDA, and Patrick Henry College

  Continuing with last article’s theme of Reconstructionist ideology as in the homeschool movement, I’d like to give you some history on Michael Farris, one of the key pillars in the homeschool movement.  I cannot say whether Farris would call … Continue reading