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Ravi Zacharias: Email Threat and Ongoing Lack of Response About Reportedly Inflated Credentials

Ravi Zacharias, RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries), Credentials

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“Nothing is as important as the truth.”

~Ravi Zacharias in The Real Face of Atheism, at p. 105.

The case of Ravi Zacharias and his inflated credentials continues and this post updates (and documents) the latest events.

Threatening Email

Yesterday (Nov. 29, 2017), Steve Baughman (a lawyer, atheist, and the writer at RaviWatch) forwarded to me an email threat he received. I posted about it on Twitter. I have had threats before, and each time they have been on cases where there has been misconduct of some kind. I believe this case is no different.

 Here is a screenshot of the email:

The email threat reads:

“Phoning for a friend. They are coming for you and u need to tell whoever is your source that also.”

Steve Baughman has no idea who the sender is. Neither of us know what “coming for you” means.

Mr. Baughman gave the following statement to me after receiving the e-mail threat:

“I spent an hour with Mr. Zacharias the other night and I do not think he is a thug. But he runs a $25 million ministry and there are powerful people who have a vested interest in keeping his reputation from crumbling. Maybe there are thugs among them. Why wouldn’t there be? On the other hand, this could just be some quack. I’ve had a couple death threats in my day and they are just part of the turf. I shall keep plowing onward until Mr. Zacharias shows me that my allegations are mistaken or he admits his failings regarding the woman he sued and regarding his academic credentials.” ~Steve Baughman, November 29, 2017

Obviously, someone is not pleased at what Mr. Baughman has been doing. And as things heat up, I suspect there will be more obstacles.


Mr. Zacharias’ credentials have been addressed for many years. Why has there been no adequate response from RZIM or Ravi Zacharias?

For 2-1/2 years, attorney Steve Baughman has been drawing attention to the fact that Ravi Zacharias has reportedly made false claims about his academic credentials. Mr. Baughman has been encouraging Ravi Zacharias to either admit that he has been careless in how he has described his academic credentials, or prove that his assertions about those credentials are incorrect.

I was surprised at what lengths Mr. Baughman went to get the word out. Why would an atheist care? He answers this question very well here. If you are one who values truth, as I certainly do, you will see that Mr. Baughman shares those same principles. Additionally, he is concerned about the “Code of Silence” that surrounds big-name leaders when they overlook issues such as fabrication or deception. The “Code of Silence” is a continual theme here at Spiritual Sounding Board when I cover cases of sexual abuse, misconduct, etc., by church or Christian leaders. Atheists and Christians alike should be concerned when a person in a position of trust uses that power to silence people.


Public Statement from RZIM Ministry on Facebook Page

Apparently, Mr. Zacharias’ ministry believes Mr. Baughman has been slandering/libeling Mr. Zacharias, because three days ago, RZIM released this statement November 27th on their Facebook page.


It’s now been three days since the statement was released, but there has been no response from RZIM or Mr. Zacharias as to the specific allegations.

One of the primary issues that I have seen in comments on various articles and the RZIM statement is that we should not trust Steve Baughman because he is an atheist who is attempting to discredit Mr. Zacharias. I disagree. Mr. Baughman is addressing the issue that we Christians ourselves should be addressing: Is Mr. Zacharias acting with integrity and transparency on the subject of his inflated or misleading credentials?

I do not believe that he is. I conducted a “Ravi Zacharias” name search on Facebook and found a post by Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., in which he addressed the credential issue. You may find the comments in the Facebook thread interesting, I did.


Who is Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr.? “

Born in Canada, and raised in southwestern England and northern Ontario, John Stackhouse was educated in history and religious studies at Mount Carmel Bible School in Alberta, Queen’s University in Ontario (B.A., First Class Honours), Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois (M.A., with Highest Honors), and The University of Chicago (Ph.D.).

According to his online profile, Dr. Stackhouse is also the author of 9 books and over 600 articles. He speaks around the globe, and his views about religion and contemporary culture can be found in both print and broadcast media.

Dr. Stackhouse raised the issue of Mr. Zacharias’ inflated credentials to at least two friends connected with RZIM many years ago. I reached out to Dr. Stackhouse, asking if he would be willing to say something publicly about this situation, and he graciously responded:

I have not made a serious study of Ravi Zacharias’s credentials in the past. I just noticed—more than twenty years ago—that he seemed to be “over-claiming,” and when I mentioned it on separate occasions to at least two friends who were, at the time, affiliated with RZIM, they fell silent and didn’t want to discuss the matter. I have never met him, and felt that it was appropriate to raise the issue instead with mutual acquaintances before doing anything else. When neither initiative went anywhere, I interpreted the silence as implying there was no point in pressing the issue. So I dropped the matter, even as I kept noticing the pattern. Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., November 30, 2017

Aside from Dr. Stackhouse’s concerns two decades ago, another Christian, Tom Lunal, also addressed the issue of Mr. Zacharias and inflated credentials two years ago in 2015, with Steve Baughman and Andy Norman: Has Evangelist Ravi Zacharias Lied About His Credentials?

Ravi Zacharias and people from his ministry, RZIM, have failed to resolve these issues in a prompt and transparent manner. This is wrong, and it is troubling.


NOTE: As of December 8, 2017, the following section will not be updated. It is replaced by the following post where news updates and new links will be included: Resource Archive and FAQs on the Ravi Zacharias and RZIM Situation.

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