Book Review Series – Lori Alexander’s “The Power of a Transformed Wife” – Shhhh…Be Very, Very Quiet, Part 2

The Power of a Transformed Wife, Lori Alexander, Submission


-by Kathi

This is a book review series of The Power of a Transformed Wife by Lori Alexander. If you are just joining us, you may click on previous chapter reviews if you’d like to catch up.

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Chapter 8 – Part 2 – Win Him Without a Word

Due to the length and so much wrong happening, this chapter is broken into two parts. In Part 1 we looked at how Lori teaches wives that they are to be silent partners when it comes to their husband’s transgressions in order to win them to the Lord. Lori insists that a wife in a difficult marriage should continue to remain faithful, follow her husband’s lead, and win him over through her actions of love and service.

To the wife whose husband has had an affair, Lori states:

Now, I know many of you may say that a woman with a husband who is an adulterer has clear biblical reasons to divorce him, but what God has joined together, let no man tear asunder. If we are told to forgive someone seventy times seven and love our enemies, how much more should we forgive a disobedient husband, even it is it’s his seventh transgression?

If a wife continues to stay in this marriage because she believes Lori offers a biblical view,  she will continue to be devastated by her husband’s lack of personal self-control, lack of respect toward her, and disregard toward their marriage. Wives should not feel compelled to remain in a marriage in which she is not being honored and respected.

Surely Lori offers hope to a woman in an abusive marriage.

Some will accuse me of condoning abuse since, in their minds, a wife’s desire for submission always leads to abuse. On the contrary, a woman who is kind and gentle to her husband, seeking to please him, will more than likely draw him to herself instead of making him angry enough to abuse her…It takes a lot of strength to be a woman like this, and it is a weak woman who gives into her emotions and is led astray by her feelings.

I need to pause for a moment and let you all know that Snarky Kathi has stepped aside to allow room for Angry Kathi to show up.

In proper Lori fashion, she places blame toward the woman. If a woman is not kind, gentle, and led astray by her feelings then her husband may become angry enough to abuse her. I am inclined to think that Lori truly believes that it is a woman’s fault if she is abused by her husband. See why I am angry? Does Lori even understand the dynamics behind abusive relationships?

God does not ask a wife to submit to abuse, but too often the word abuse is used so frivolously that it does a disservice to those women who are truly abused. It’s the degree or method of control that determines whether behavior is truly abusive or simply bad behavior.

Is Lori going to inform her readers of what she considers “truly abusive” behavior? Of course not. And, here’s the deal, Lori doesn’t get to define what is “truly abusive!” We have laws and guidelines set in place to determine abuse. I wonder which of these laws and guidelines Lori considers “frivolous.” I sure hope that a woman who goes to Lori for counseling does not let her determine if she is “truly abused.”

Lori states that if a woman has been kind and gentle and yet her husband is overbearing and abusive she should seek counsel from a pastor, counselor, or the police. That all looks good written down, but in the end, Lori is going to tell a woman who seeks police intervention that she will need to remain faithfully married to her abuser. There is absolutely no room for divorce. What good does it do for her to give this advice?

Someone recently started a new Facebook page called Lori Alexander Undeleted. Here is the info about the page: 

This page is dedicated to exposing the dangerous teachings and heartlessness of Lori Alexander.
Coming soon: screenshots of callous statements and deleted comments that are intended to show she is not being bullied and only deletes to prevent respectful discussion.

The following screenshot is a comment that was deleted from Lori Alexander’s The Transformed Wife Facebook page.


Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 2.45.38 PM

A recently deleted comment on The Transformed Wife’s Facebook page and captured by Lori Alexander Undeleted. Content: “First, a suicide hotline number was deleted and now this…I’d say this proves Lori really doesn’t want to help anyone.”


If any of Lori’s readers are here, please don’t go to her for advice if you are experiencing emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual abuse from your husbands. Abuse in any form is never frivolous and should be taken seriously. When you are able, go to the police and a professional counselor for help. If you need help locating resources in your area, send us a message: We are more than happy to help you and support you.

There is more to this chapter, but why move on? It is filled with quotes from Michael Pearl and others who comment on her blog. Again, Lori fills almost half a chapter with other people’s words. I think it is more important to highlight the fact that while Lori gives lip service to seeking help for abuse, she is not concerned about helping women get out of abusive relationships.


National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233. This is a 24/7 free hotline to call for help if you are in an intimate partner violent relationship. Questions regarding how to support a victim of domestic violence are welcome as well. Phone services support over 200 languages.

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170 comments on “Book Review Series – Lori Alexander’s “The Power of a Transformed Wife” – Shhhh…Be Very, Very Quiet, Part 2

  1. Mark, The issue I have with your concerns and philosophy is that it is too centered about you and what you need from a God, should such exist. What I am trying to tell you is that it is not about you – rather it is about the whole and what brings about the best results for the whole. I keep hearing about what you need from God – not much about what you can do for God. I am no Kennedy, fan, not by a long shot, by JFK nailed it when he said “ask not what you country can do for you; ask, instead, what you can do for your country.” This continual focus on your needs and what you are wanting from God is the source of your issues. Essentially you have the same issues as Mother Theresa. You want God to reveal himself to you in a personal way which fulfills your needs. This whole thing is not about your needs.

    Now, why is it that Rachel or Avid Reader or any of the other posters here is able to sense God and have this relationship with he, she or it. It is because these people accept the way that God presents himself to them. These persons accept the manner in which God presents and, then, they go on from there. They don’t demand or whine because God is now manifesting in a particular manner which is agreeable and appropriate by their own ideology. Perhaps you have preconceived notions about how God should present that you are missing what is right in front of your nose. Remember the allegory of the man who drowned waiting for God to save him. People kept coming along with row boats to take him away from the rising waters but he kept turning down their offers waiting for God to save him, as God had promised he would do. Finally the man drowns and meets . He asks God – why did you not save me, as you promised you would do. God replies – I sent you three row boats and you refused to get into any of them.

    You must be attuned to the small things and keep a sharp eye out. How did God, if God exists, present to me. All manner of ways. Just a few days ago, I stayed up late and baked a batch of blueberry muffins for my husband. I was tired and wanted to go to bed but he was hoping for the muffins for his breakfast the following morning. So I baked them all, cooled them down and put them on a large plate, covered with a wicker basket then I put the entire thing next to his place at the table so he would find them there the next morning. He always gets up before I do. During the night, the two cats wanted to eat the muffins. I did not know that cats like blueberry muffins but they do. They tried to get at them and knocked the entire thing to the floor. Miraculously, the plate did not break and the basket stayed on top of the muffins so they were not nibbled on by cats. Cats don’t eat one muffin, the would have nibbled on all of them, ruining all the muffins. What were the odds that the plate would fall to the floor in that manner – not breaking and, them, with the basket, loosely resting on top – falling in place protecting the muffins.

    Another example. I had a new job in 2014. We had a break room and the manager of that clinic stocked the break room with items which she knew the employees would like to eat or drink. One employee liked Chai tea. I never tried it before. When I did – I loved it and bought a box of my own to drink lots of it at home and at work. I did not want to drink up all of the tea she bought so I brought in my own for work use as well. Well it happens that Chai tea has an ingredient in it which is estrogenic – quite so, in fact. So the estrogenic agent fed the estrogen-dependent cancer which was, unbeknownst to me, growing in my uterus. I began to bleed and went to the doctor. I was many years past menopause so no bleeding should have been occurring under any circumstance – but bleed I did. The tea exacerbated the tumor. Accordingly, the cancer was discovered in time before it spread anywhere else in my body and the doctor simply removed the uterus, solving the problem before it spread elsewhere. Were it not for the tea, I probably would not have bleed and the cancer would have grown. It was discovered early enough such that I needed no chemo nor radiation and I was on my merry way.

    Even more dramatic, I was in AZ at the time and was there only a few months. In AZ, nearby where I was living, was a doctor with robotic surgery skills and he could remove the uterus with minimum invasiveness – virtually no pain and a tiny little surgical wound. I was fine in a few days. Had I bled here in rural and remote PA (where I normally live), there is no such doctor and no such robotic instrument available. I would have needed a standard hysterectomy which is painful and debilitating. Was all of this the handiwork of God? Maybe so. If God exists that is how he manifested himself to me and I am very grateful. These are examples of how God could reveal his presence to me. I gave you examples of both the trivial and great.

    Maybe God does manifest to you but you are not satisfied with the presentation. You want some other way. It is not your place to decide how the manifestation should be. You are suppose to be mindful enough that you recognize the presentation and, then, be grateful for it. Once again, it is not about you and it is not about what you want. It is about what God wants and what is needed FROM you – not FOR you. Don’t be a whiny sheep, refusing to move forward and get with the program. Apparently God has sent a goat to butt you in the rear, hoping to move you along with the rest of the flock. We don’t need for you to be lagging behind, falling prey to the wolves who are looking for vulnerable sheep – sheep who are not keeping up with the flock because they think they know better than the shepherd (God) as to how things are to be managed. YOU are NOT in charge of this operation. YOU don’t make the rules.

    BTW, I do not consider my profession to be superior to anyone else’s profession. It simply provides me with a convenient way to serve. It is convenience which is the key concept not superiority. I don’t need to find ways to serve or go out of my way searching for them. I simply need to report to work and I am then overwhelmed with them. Someone else needs to go out and find ways to serve. I am given convenience.

    Try to take your needs out of this picture and focus on the needs of others. Try to focus not on what you want or need in a relationship with God but rather how you might be needed. Look around at what is and has happened in your life. Maybe God was there all along and you simply did not see it. Have you been spiritually drowning simply because you have been turning away the rowboats?


  2. PS – one more thing, Mark. Since when do the sheep make the rules and tell the shepherd how to run the show? It is not your place and that is precisely what you are trying to do – whining because the rules are not structured as to suit how you view the cosmology. Who put you in charge? Even a goat like me knows better than that. Even I know enough to follow the rules and not demand they be changed for my benefit. The rules were very clearly spelled out for you in what you Christians view as the end all and be all – namely the Bible. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in there which gives you the right to make new rules or change existing ones …..NADA.

    What you are saying is that I am willing to follow the rules BUT I need xyz in return and it should be presented to me in ABC manner. That is not how it all works. You are to do as you are told i.e. serve others and the shepherd decides how, when and in what manner your needs are met……and they will be met. You do not dictate to the shepherd how this flock operates and that is precisely what you are doing when you whine about what you want in terms of your idea of how God should manifest unto you. You are one of the sheep, remember?

    You asked me once why God would shower me with blessings and not want anything in return. It is because I follow instructions and I do what I am told. You, for, whatever reason, want to dictate how the operation runs. That is not your place; try to remember that concept. The shepherd does not need whiny and needy sheep. Even goats, like me, who, follow the rules – or at least try to do so – are a better deal . I am not perfect. I make many mistakes in following the rules and I break lots of them but at least I know my place. Apparently you don’t and you want to change the rules. I am far from perfect. I am riddled with countless flaws – I am, after all a goat, no – but, at least, I don’t try to tell the shepherd how to do his job.


  3. LEB, I left a spiritually abusive church and came to my current church. One of the sermons that was instrumental in my healing was on Ruth. Actually, it was on Naomi. Naomi returned to Israel broken and bitter – she lost her husband and two sons – her entire world, culturally speaking.

    Now there were two life-changing messages – first, bitterness is not the “unforgivable sin” like the Evangelical church likes to proclaim. Naomi did not sugar-coat her circumstances. Second, God brought circumstances around in Naomi’s life. At the end of Ruth, the women around Naomi are astonished – wasn’t Ruth better than a son, and didn’t God bring amazing things to bear.

    The sheep don’t make the rules, no, but if God says he wants a relationship and we say we don’t, who is making the rules? I think it’s the goats who want to make the rules and the sheep spend their time trying to understand what the rules are.

    In Hosea, God uses Hosea’s wife, Gomer, as an allegory of his relationship to Israel. Gomer is an unfaithful wife, just as Israel is unfaithful. Yet Hosea/God repeatedly rescues Gomer/Israel out of the natural consequences and restores the relationship.

    If God wants to have an arms-length relationship, then why would that relationship ever be portrayed as a marriage? I think Ezekiel 16 is the clearest picture of how God loved the people of Jerusalem, portrayed as raising her up like a father, then marrying her and treating her like royalty, only to find her prostituting herself to every other god.

    My problem is that I was in a “goat” religious system. The gospel was preached, but the actions were fear and shame driven legalism. The fear and shame legalism proclaimed a different god than the sheep god. As, I said, a loveless transactional god. Just like you have no interest in a god who actually desires a personal relationship with you, I have no interest in a god who is an impersonal force.

    Now, the real distance between us is how we arrive at truth. Since I left the legalistic tradition, I place much more value in my personal experience, but I still weigh scripture higher than that. It’s just that I don’t defer to someone else’s (e.g. Calvin’s) interpretation of the scripture, because my experience and reason drive me to different conclusions. However, I’m not going to throw out scripture just because you feel your reason and experience should somehow hold some authority over me. That is not my experience and that is not my reason. You can’t have your feet in both absolute and relative truth. If you hold relative truth, then your reason and your experience and the truth you derive from that is wonderful and meaningful, yet it’s YOURS. When you try and tell someone else what THEIR truth should be, then you are now claiming absolute truth – you are putting your truth as an authority over someone else. If, on the other hand, you want to argue that there is an absolute truth, and you understand that absolute truth better than I, then that is a lot harder road to travel.

    As for your experiences. I think that is an amazing testimony! We just have different lenses through which we view the data. Again, if you read the Ezekiel chapter, it seems that all these great gifts God gives Jerusalem are evidence of personal love and a desire to have a relationship, whereas you seem to be claiming that they are evidence that you have the right theology that God is rewarding people who are doing the right things and not preoccupied with relationship.

    If this is the case, we are at an impasse. I don’t believe your lens and you don’t believe mine, and our lenses do not give us common ground from which to arrive at some agreement.

    This does not sound like an impersonal relationship being described…
    “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the owner of the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. He flees because he is a hired hand and is not concerned about the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me, even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd.” (John 10:11-16)


  4. Mark,

    Ok, so to summarize, you want an warm and fuzzy relationship with God and, moreover, you believe – according to your interpretation of scripture – that God wants a warm and fuzzy relationship with you. Great, we have a match. In that case, why are we even having this conversation? We can only be having it for one of two reasons.

    You are not getting said warm and fuzzy relationship which you advise me that both God and you want……and we need to figure out why that is. What is going wrong?
    You are getting said warm and fuzzy relationship causing both you and God to be happy as a pig in ____ (you know what) BUT you also feel the need to bring about change in other persons (like me) on God’s behalf.

    So then, let us look at #2 first. Your happy, God is happy – where is the problem? As for me, I don’t want and need this sort of relationship and I tell you I am also very happy. Moreover, I also tell you that I have had incredible good fortune in my life – both past and present. I have been showered with blessings and I live in surroundings which would put the Garden of Eden to shame. In return, I see it as my duty and responsibility to serve the least of God’s creatures, esp the least of them. I take that responsibility very seriously. I try very hard to serve. I am fortunate enough to have a profession which makes it very easy for me to do so and, while I am at it, I try to serve anyone and everyone else which comes my way. I am all about “service to others.”

    I believe service to others is the most important thing in life. Although I am not a Christian, I do take a whole lot of the edicts to heart and I believe they are the way to go. I try to follow “the rules.” I believe in living very simply – as much so as possible – and serving until you drop. In return, I believe my needs will be taken care of and so far, such seems to be the case. In fact, I got one heck of a lot more than I ever deserved. I ask to be shown what else I am suppose to do and, surely, I shall try to do it. Because, I did not follow Christian doctrine to the fullest, however, I am, in fact, actually one of the goats. Now, it seems that according to you (and others) I shall be damned for all eternity, burning in the everlasting fires of hell.

    You tell me that I am doing it all wrong. God wants more from me than he, she or it is getting. It is not enough for me to do what I am told and follow the rules – or at least try to do so. Rather, I must want a close and intimate relationship with God. You want that. Rachel wants that and she got it. Did you see me trying to change her mind or tell her she is doing it all wrong? If Rachel is happy with her personal relationship with Jesus then I am happy for her. I celebrate her joy. Who am I to tell her what to do?

    Now, if she had come to me and told me she was unhappy, I would try to help her analyze the root of the problem to see what went wrong. That is not what happened. You, however, come across as a tad bit unhappy. All is not quite rosy in your camp. It sounds like something you want is not quite happening for you. I stumble upon a somewhat unhappy sheep (you) and it is only natural to see what, if anything, I might do for that sheep. Sometimes, in fact, goats can be helpful esp if they see a solution which the sheep has somehow missed.

    So, then, perhaps, then, God is more tolerant of diversity than you have previously imagined. There are millions upon millions of people in the world who are not Christians. There are Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist people. The globe is full of people who did not accept Jesus Christ as their ‘personal savior’ and neither do they have a “personal relationship” with him. So you think all of these billions of people, past and present, have been created only to be damned to eternal hellfire because they did not believe precisely as you do? I think not. Perhaps some of your thinking is a bit “flawed.” It does happen.

    Now let us look at Scenario #1. You want this relationship – close, personal and involved – and you are not getting it. In that case, I have already spoken to that issue in my previous two emails. To sum it up – and to paraphrase JFK – ask not what God can do for you – rather as what you can do for God. My answer to anyone who would express such a sentiment would be to stop worrying about what you are not getting and worry more about what else you can be doing for both God and others. The quick and dirty “it is not about you!” My previous emails expound on that principle.

    Was Ruth better than a son? I am not so sure of that. It depends on what Naomi wants. If she wants companionship and service, yes, Ruth will do that better than a male would. If she needs someone strong to run the farm, so to speak, no Ruth will not compare favorably. How much of a blessing Ruth is will be a function of what Naomi needs. Losing a child is among the very most painful experiences in life so Ruth, no matter what she is or does, will not make up for that great pain. At best, Ruth can be a consolation but she cannot substitute for the loss of a child. Naomi, for her part, must accept the will of God (assuming God exists) and try to make the best of her life. Serving others will help but losing a son is one heck of a tall order for any woman to swallow. With or without Ruth, it is no easy task which she has been given. My heart goes out to Naomi and I credit Ruth for trying to help her.

    RE: (John 10:11-16). That is John’s version of what God said or was it John’s version of what Jesus allegedly said? It is hearsay. I don’t put much stock in what any of the apostles said. They are but mortal men. Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable and translations are equally unreliable. If God exists, I need something a whole lot more reliable than what a dozen or so mortal men claim has transpired some 2000 years ago. I take most of the new testament in that light. I don’t put much stock in it.

    So the bottom line, Mark, is that if you want xyz relationship with God or Jesus and you are getting that relationship, as is the case with Rachel, I will celebrate your good fortune. If you are happy with the results then I am happy for you. Just realize that what is right for you is not necessarily right for another. There are many paths up the mountain. One is not necessarily more valid than another.

    Pain is a clue that you are on the wrong path. If you are hurting spiritually, it is a sign that you need to make a change. In that case I would best serve you to help you analyze where you are going wrong and how you might get on the right path to bring about the goal you desire. If you are happy and fulfilled, your best course is to share you fortune with others and help them to achieve what you have found. You must choose the beneficiaries of your efforts carefully, however. As you search for persons to help, you would look for persons who are in pain and show them the way out of the pain they are experiencing. You would go to places where people are suffering and you would try to lead them out of the pain. You would not be wasting your time with happy goats (me) upon whom God is showering much in the way of blessings…….and who are trying to repay for those blessings via service to others, including the least of said God’s creatures. That is called wasting your time and energies while other need you.

    At this point, I am not certain whether you are getting what you seek from God. If you are getting what you seek and need, then you can pretty much disregard everything I have told you. I have no role in telling happy sheep what to do. I did sort of get the impression that you were not the happiest of campers. Somehow that notion – rightly or wrongly – came across to me. If you are, indeed, not getting the spiritual fulfillment you are seeking, then you need to consider my suggestions somewhat more thoroughly. For all you know, I was sent along to try to get you onto the right path. What is that old adage: God works in mysterious ways…..hmmm. Perhaps goats do have some purpose, after all.


  5. LEB, “Because, I did not follow Christian doctrine to the fullest, however, I am, in fact, actually one of the goats. Now, it seems that according to you (and others) I shall be damned for all eternity, burning in the everlasting fires of hell.”

    I think what you have said is that you reject Christian doctrine. I think we’re each accountable for the lives that we live, and I think there is absolute truth, but I can respect you and hear your wisdom regardless of where you stand from a faith perspective. However, there is a point where we cannot speak into each others’ lives. I’m not going to convince you that God wants a personal relationship with you, and you’re not going to convince me that he doesn’t want one with me.

    [As a side note, I believe that much of the cultural progress has happened with the organized church being dragged kicking and screaming – positive parenting, political correctness(the respect part, at least), respect for women in the workplace and in the public sphere, etc.]

    “Perhaps goats do have some purpose, after all.”

    I have really enjoyed this conversation and I appreciate how you have chosen to bless others around you and see blessings in your life. And it does help – I can honestly look at what you find fulfilling and say, that’s just not me. Not that there is something inherently bad about what you do, just that I wouldn’t find that rewarding in the same way you do, and neither would I want to try to dig inside myself to find the strength to do that.

    “That is called wasting your time and energies while other need you.”

    I think you find great fulfillment in helping people in need. Even within what you’ve told me, what if your God had different roles for each person to fill, and created them to find their role enjoyable? For every person who is on the front lines pouring themselves out for others in need, there are also people in the background who provide the technology, support and tools to enable that. If every human were out on the front lines, who would build the hospitals? Who would discover newer and better medicines? Who would make sure there was adequate infrastructure to provide clean drinking water and stable electricity?

    “Pain is a clue that you are on the wrong path. If you are hurting spiritually, it is a sign that you need to make a change.”

    This can go both ways. We celebrate the one light bulb Edison made work the first time, but we don’t celebrate the years and years of painful failure. Pain can be an indicator that something is wrong, but pain can also be caused by exercising something in a different way than before. Fixing my bad golf swing would be painful. There is a significant part of competing at a high level athletically that is learning to work through pain. For example, at first, much of strength training is ‘recruitment’ – getting existing muscles to work together, but after that, strength requires pushing muscles to the point of damage ‘micro-tears’ so that they grow back stronger, which generally involves pain.


  6. Mark, I am about to make history and let you have the last word in this debate. I don’t think it ever happened before! I have very much enjoyed looking into these spiritual issues with you. It helps both of us to clarify our respective positions. It is good for both goats and sheep to get together now and again and talk over some important issues. Better yet, since our conversations appear on the internet, other goats and other sheep can read them at sometime in the future and help clarify their issues, as well. It has been an overall very positive experience and I have learned about a new concept called spiritual abuse. I never knew it existed before. If you are one of those who have helped to provide some of the infrastructure which is, indeed, vitally needed, thank you very much. We absolutely DO need these contributions. Your contributions and those of others like you are among the many which prove that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    I shall leave you with a Gary Larson cartoon which I love. Do a google search on one of the two phrases to bring up the cartoon. It shows two frames, one on top of the other, where people are in que on Judgement Day, waiting their turn for either St. Peter (top frame) or the Devil (bottom frame), respectively. The caption for the top frame reads: “Welcome to heaven here is your harp.” The caption for the bottom frame reads “Welcome to hell, here is your accordian.” Sort of apropos, no?


  7. One has to wonder what the poor goat ever did to earn such a bad rap.

    They make great cheese. Better than sheep 🙂

    Also, baby goats in pajamas are basically the cutest thing ever.


  8. I just looked up baby goats in pajamas and you are correct. They absolutely ARE the cutest thing ever: I think the whole goat thing is just one of those metaphors. Goats have a reputation for leading sheep to slaughter so maybe that is where it came from. I love watching videos of border collies herding sheep. In one video, the border collie breaks up a log-jam of sheep via running across the sheep backs until the very front of the flock where the log jam was occurring – too many sheep trying to pass through a narrow pathway, all at the same time. He breaks up the jam and then all the all the sheep pass through. In another video, a stubborn ram will not walk up the ramp into the trailer which was ready to transport the sheep. The other sheep had all run up the ramp and were in the trailer as they were suppose to do. This ram kept turning around to butt the dog head on. So the dog ran to the other end of the animal where the ram’s head was. The dog then grabbed the ram’s ear and then pulled him forcefully up the ramp and into the trailer. He had never been taught this maneuver, he figured it out on his own.

    I was looking at more Gary Larsen cartoons about damned souls in hell. In one cartoon Satan’s mother is serving the condemned souls milk and homemade cookies which she is carrying on a tray. Satan is running up to her yelling “No, Mom, No!” In another cartoon, the damned souls are milling around a room in hell where the fires shown here and there. In the room is a table on which has been placed coffee urns and cups. The cartoon depicts condemned souls helping themselves to coffee. The caption reads: “The coffee is cold – damn they thought of absolutely everything!” Finally there is a cartoon where various condemned souls are working in hell. Some are shoveling coal into the hell fires to feed the flames. One man, however, is pushing a wheel barrow laden with coal toward the flames. He is looking happy and he is whistling while he works. Satan is standing next to another devil as both are looking over at the man. The caption reads: “Damn, we are just not getting to that guy.”

    On a more serious note, I viewed the film called “Holy Hell” last night on You Tube. It was recommended by someone on this thread. It was shocking – a real eye opener. The cult leader managed to manipulate the people for well over 20 years. The whole thing reminded me of the Ashram in MA which I described in one or another thread. I described how shocked I was at the way the people were behaving in this place. Actually, they were behaving pretty much the same as the folks were in this video. This particular guru was not quite as destructive as was the guru in Holy Hell but the principle is the same. It was a real eye-opener into human nature. Neither that film nor the folks at the Ashram, however, really got into exactly what motivates people to follow these leaders. They must see something in these leaders which the groupies see but rest of us do not perceive. As I looked at both the guru at the Ashram I visited or the guru in the film, Holy Hell, I could perceive nothing about either of these characters which would make me want to follow them. I thought both of them were rather bizarre people, all things considered. They both ruined a whole lot of lives in the process of their self-absorbed reality.


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