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Mark Driscoll Stepping Down for 6 Weeks While Charges Investigated

Warren Throckmorton broke the story this morning that Mars Hill pastor, Mark Driscoll is stepping down for 6 weeks.

In a pre-recorded video announcement, Mark Driscoll told his congregation this morning that he will take at least six weeks off as lead pastor of Mars Hill Church while charges against him are investigated. Driscoll preached at Bellevue at 8:30 am to a packed house. According to sources in church this morning, Driscoll said he is meeting with mature Christian men unrelated to the church. The message is being played at each campus this morning.


Sarah Pulliam Bailey of Religion News Service also picked up the story:

Seattle megachurch founder Mark Driscoll will step down for at least six weeks while the Mars Hill board of elders review formal charges lodged against him from previous pastors. (Religion News Service)


Zach Hoag also posted a spoof article:

Returning from vacation noticeably more tan than usual, Mark began his video announcement to the church with these words: “Howdy, Mars Hill. So yeah, this month has been totally ridic. I’m out, bro. DONE. Forget angry young prophet and older spiritual father – I’m going to Southern California to chill, and you, Acts 29, and the rest of the Internet can suck it.”


Morgan Lee of Christianity Today picked up the story as well, but also included discussed other pastors who have stepped aside from their pastorate to take care of personal failings, John Piper and C.J. Mahaney.  Lee’s article is here: Mark Driscoll Steps Down While Mars Hill Investigates Charges


, a neighbor of Driscoll blogs:

All I want to say, before giving the following report is that I pray for Mark Driscoll and all who have been hurt by him directly or indirectly. As a newish resident church planter in Ballard (the site of the first permanent “main campus” as I understand it) I simply want to love my neighbors affected by all of this.


Huffington Post now has taken Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s article and run with it: Megapastor Mark Driscoll Charged With Abusive Conduct By 21 Former Mars Hill Pastors


David Hayward “Naked Pastor” posts cartoon and post:

Many people are calling for forgiveness for Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church so that he and the church can get back to preaching the gospel as effectively as it had and get back on the road to success, just like it was before things started unraveling.


Andrew Jones of Tall Skinny Kiwi’s shared his thoughts, Will Mark Driscoll Drive to Church Today in a White Bronco?

A strange thing happened on the way to 50,000. The megachurch ceased its upwards numerical surge and haemorrhaged.

If the implosion of Mars Hill Church was just about numbers, it would make an interesting case study for church growth consultants. If it was just about ecclesiology and church government, Mars Hill would be the penultimate example of what happens when a church swaps the accountability of church elders and mutual submission to its members for a dodgy business model with untouchable leaders, shady practices and phantom accounting.


Brad Sargent, blogger who has studied spiritual abuse, weighs in on the announcement by Mark Driscoll to step down in his article, Responsibility for Spiritual Abuse – Part 1 – Questions of Culpability, Complicity, and Recovery:

This post is about questions I’ve had that have emerge from the case study in allegations of spiritual abuse that Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and its co-founding pastor Mark Driscoll, have provided the U.S. Church. This is highly complex and grievous situation, and involves years of problematic leadership and labyrinthine organizational issues. I’ve been watching the situation especially since 2008 when I started research writing on spiritual abuse issues in depth.


Jonathan Merritt, senior news columnist for Religion News Service, shares his thoughts:  

As I consider this development in light of the shifting tide of public opinion toward Driscoll and the barrage of scandals that he has endured this year alone, I arrive at only one conclusion: The hyper-masculine minister, Mark Driscoll, has been effectively neutered.   He will likely never write another book, and if he does, far fewer will read its words. He will likely never again jet set around the country speaking to tens of thousands week after week. And even if he returns to the pastorate–which I imagine is likely–he’ll ascend the stage a shadow of his former self. The glory days of Mars Hill and its celebrity founder are irrevocably behind them both. 

Mars Hill releases entire Mark Driscoll Statement.  Here are a few excerpts and my comments:

It is because of my deep love for the local church in general, and Mars Hill Church in particular, that it grieves me to see anything come against it or threaten to harm it. It also grieves me greatly when something I say or do results in controversy and publicity none of you signed up for when you decided to be a part of this church family.

When someone is grieved, they stop, look at the problem, and take appropriate action. People have been calling him account for years and years.  If he’s been “grieving,” he has not shown the appropriate response. These are mere “words” not true sentiments.

Over the years, as I have grown and as the Lord has been molding and pruning me, I have, on many occasions, shared with you some of the lessons I’ve been learning. Some of these have been painful, and some I’ve been slow to learn. I’ve acknowledged and confessed many of my sins, shortcomings and missteps, and God has been more than faithful with His forgiveness. Most of our Mars Hill family has been forgiving as well, and for that I’m grateful and blessed. By God’s grace, I want to always be humble and teachable.

No real commentary here about the victims, their thoughts, feelings. It’s all about MD and the process he’s had to go through. A truly repentant person does not focus on SELF, but on the ones he has hurt.

I want to thank those who have come directly to an Elder, lead pastor or me to tell us of an offense they are carrying. This allows us to deal with it head-on between the two affected parties, rather than in a court of public opinion and public media. I believe God is honored by this approach—the approach He prescribed for us in Matthew 18 and other Scriptures.

This is a back-handed way of saying that anyone who has spoken publicly about his leadership has done it wrong. He’s saying:  “don’t talk, but if you do talk, then come to your leaders.” Let’s not forget the scores and scores of people who attempted to bring grievances to elders/pastors and to Mark Driscoll privately, but were fired/removed put in church discipline and shunned. 

He then complains about people bringing up his pseudonym from years ago, that he took care of it a few years ago.  Perhaps he did not do a good enough job of taking care of it or it wouldn’t have come up again.  Or perhaps it came up again because the same pattern of behavior exists today.

Storm clouds seem to be whirling around me more than ever in recent months and I have given much thought and sought much counsel as to why that is and what to do about it. The current climate is not healthy for me or for this church. (In fact, it would not be healthy for any church.)

It is indeed healthy for both Driscoll and the church. Those who have been inside and who have known Driscoll outside his church are seeing the problems.  It is healthy to deal with this.  It is unhealthy to ignore it.  That’s what has been going on for years.  


Warren Throckmorton posted the audio of the announcement:

Article by Becky Garrison who uncovers background on the new PR guy Driscoll said will be helping him:
Mark DeMoss to Manage Mars Hill’s Mess

This kind of advice doesn’t come cheap. So, how much will the bill be for his services, and who is footing this bill? Also, for those thinking Mark D. (as in Driscoll not DeMoss) will resign, churches bring in these kind of players to clean the joint up just enough so no one sees the real dirt. So while Driscoll wil be counseled to clean up his act, until the by-laws change to provide for actual accountability and the church opens up ALL of their books to bring about financial transparency, it’s still SNAFU at Mars Hill.


From Rob Smith:  

Are Mars Hill Church elders elders in name only?

At the end of the day, Mark Driscoll may apologize and say he is sorry, for this and that, but he will not repent of bullying the 2007 bylaws into place.These bylaws removed his accountability to the elders of the church. His bullying included harming, shaming, shunning and slandering Paul Petry. Yet he will not repent of that act. By repenting he would have to admit that the entire bullying episode occurred so that he could change the bylaws via coercion and duress without due process.

Responses on Twitter (I’m posting new tweets on top and these are expressions that I’m seeing on Twitter – some vulgar language and heated sentiments from both sides:

219 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll Stepping Down for 6 Weeks While Charges Investigated”

  1. Hey, Gail, hope I make sense right now, not slept in a zillion hours! Anyway, sounds like you have been through a whole lot of hell, like many here, and I am so sorry. Terrible way to live, on that daily poisonous diet. 😦 Can also relate to your struggle with depression, and even to having big decisions to make soon.

    I always feel like I should just shut up and stop bleeding all over Julie Anne’s blog (and other blogs, oops), but she keeps telling me how silly that is to think. So, I think you should probably feel free to vent all you want, when you are comfortable doing so.

    Wow, someone to scream and cry with, amazing. 🙂 About to step away from blogs for a while, but will still be around, and praying for you and others here!


  2. Oasis,
    You are making a lot of sense in your sleep deprived state!
    Julie Anne has my contact info if you want to connect. No pressure, I will not feel rejected, if you don’t want to do that.That said, I will miss your voice around here, I resinate with what you have to say. You are precious & fierce. I go through my seasons of running off at the mouth here, then I recoil back into my shell. I will keep you in my prayers, and tonight, I will ask the Lord to give us beloved gals a good nights sleep. xo


  3. Wow, thanks for everything, Gail. I’m sure I’ll be bugging you soon. Also, you often come to mind, and I always read your comments carefully.

    And thanks to you, too, Julie Anne!


  4. Gail,
    I can’t feel what you are feeling, I really don’t know what it is like. My church teaches sovereignty in a very good way, has MOPS and the one after that for women with kids in school. ( We are not considered the “c” or the “a” word.) We even have ladies bible study and a monthly women to women missionary group. I am so sorry that you fell into the mess. I wish some of you that have had these experiences could come for a while. We are not perfect in anyway, but at least headed in the right direction.

    I agree with Julie Anne. You need to keep talking. I didn’t realize how bad it was out there until I started reading this blog. I was told a couple of untruths along the way. The abuse I endured was by individual men, not as much the church. Some that didn’t understand why I left the X but then later on talk to me about it have found some wisdom in the move. There are still those that don’t think that I should remarry, which is not a problem really. I AM NOT LOOKING. I am 57 and really kind of like my quiet in the evening. I pray the best for all of you.


  5. Marsha, I am happy that you found someone and that you are happy. I think it is a wee bit too soon for me to trust anyone. I have been told that I will change my mind if I meet the right person. I have been so bad at choosing that I have major fears of even going that route again. My daughter says that if I do decide to date that she is going to put them through the drill to make sure they are ok first. I think that is funny. She is getting married in October to a very sweet man. I am not sure if he knows how to raise his voice and she is not the anal person she was without him. I know it happens, but I am content with whatever the Lord has in store for me. There are things that I always wanted and never had. Not tangible things, but someone who would like to snuggle on the couch and watch an old western. That sort of thing. I try not to think about it though , there’s no sense in getting my hopes up and dwell on it. I’m probably sticking my heart out there a little too much, so I will clam up. I am happy for your though.


  6. Brenda R, thanks. Not sure I could shut up for long – tried and failed, and accepted my nature, ha! Like you, the church had nothing to do with what happened to me. Christians are the ones who came along to intensify the pain with poisonous teaching. But ditto, never knew it was so bad out there in Christendom, until finding blogs.

    I am very, very glad you left the ex. Quiet in the evening can be great, for sure. I swore off marriage at age 11, 25 years ago, and have stayed away from the dating world completely. Even now, after having second thoughts, I’m sure I’ll never get married. Breaks my heart sometimes, but it seems impossible. I wish you happiness, wherever you go in life! 🙂

    Gail, sounds good to me!


  7. Oasis,
    I have a 27 year old daughter that states she will never get married and wants children even less, which is good since she doesn’t want to get married. If she dates at all, she doesn’t tell me about it. I know 2 women who are in their 80’s who have never married and have no regrets. No particular reason. Both just said they didn’t meet anyone who would have made their lives better and are completely happy as they are.

    After the horrible lack of childhood that I had, I was determined that I would marry a good man have children and after 60 years still be holding hands. Well, so much for that. You are still young and there is a big world out there and there are good men out there. No matter where life takes you, be happy.


  8. Lots of activity on Twitter today regarding Mark Driscoll. 9 elders have spoken out, one got fired. Paull Tripp has spoken strongly against Mark Driscoll. If you look on the sidebar, you can keep up with my tweets. Here’s my direct link:

    Here is an important read:


  9. Brenda R, good for your daughter and those older women you know. Marriage is definitely not for everyone (including me, apart from a miracle), neither is it the be-all and end-all for a happy or meaningful life.

    Sorry your plans did not pan out, but glad you feel content. Maybe your future will more closely resemble your hopes. Either way, you be happy, too.


  10. Barbara Roberts said: “And Mark Driscoll has demonstrated repeatedly that he will not respect anyone’s “No” if he don’t want to — so whatever “Real Marriage” says about the importance of non-coercion, it is likely to be just hot air in Mark Driscoll’s own case”.
    Indeed, Barb, and this is what worries me the most. MD has proven himslef, again & again, to do what MD wants to do, because he thinks he is entitled. That’s the behaviour of an abuser, & that’s the behaviour of a sociopath. You know it, I know it–most folks here know it. But he has his little Imperial Guard still gathered aound him, & they continue to see him with rose-coloured glasses…..whilst his victims suffer.
    How long, oh Lord, how long?


  11. Brenda R,
    I sure appreciate your tender heart. Glad you have a place where you are fed & supported. I don’t know if I will ever go back to church. (as in a building)
    Sure seems like we have some mighty fine church here. God bless You.

    Julie Anne, I have been following the saga on twitter. I pray M.D. is broken open to see his abuse, but it is with barely a mustard seed of faith that I pray with. Methinks he will be another Teflon man, and will continue to ruin & destroy people. Ditto to what zooey 111 said: ” How long, oh Lord, how long?”


  12. There is no doubt that Mark Driscoll has talents that have kept him in power and it may be that he can keep it with the help of spin and charisma. Certainly that is his plan.

    But I cannot help but wonder how well his personality can hold together given the opposition he has had and the loss of the wider acclaim he sought. It must be very difficult for him to tamp down his anger these days. He may very well start decompensating.


  13. Excerpt from Bent Meyer’s post at the above link:

    Mark was sliding ever more, headlong into foundational character erosion. His existing belief in his entitlement, grandiosity, exploitiveness, demeaning nature and rageful vengeance, were already present and needed consistent restraining by those around him.

    “Piram of Jarmuth, drunk with strange wine,
    Who dreamed he hath fashioned all stars that shine;
    And Japhia of Lachish, a fire that flameth,
    Who did in the daylight what no man nameth.”
    — G.K.Chesterton, “Ballad of the Battle of Gibeon”

    — Al Stewart, “The Last Day of June 1934”


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