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Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier Lawsuit and Sex Abuse

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Note:  If you only have limited time to read, please scroll down to the very important part of this post subtitled :  In All Seriousness ~ja

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The Calvary Chapel Visalia (CCV) lawsuit we’ve been following is coming up soon.  Here are some key posts pertaining to this case.  The first one is important.

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Plaintiffs Pastor Bob Grenier and his wife Gayle Grenier are suing their stepson/son Alex Grenier and former church member, Tim Taylor.   I feel a strong connection with this case because it is a bit similar to mine = defamation, brought on by a pastor.   I’ve had a copy of the original complaint in my files for quite some time, but wanted to share a few items of interest which stood out for me, a mere blogger, mom, high school choir accompanist, and generally a kind person with a snarky attitude to those who bully.

I had never looked at legal documents except our mortgage papers before I was sued by my former pastor.  After getting over the initial shock of being sued, I rather liked pouring over the documents and reading the legalese.  Seeing the court process, watching my phenomenal attorney defend each and every phrase with precision and detail was fascinating to me.  I compared the documents of the original complaint with the work of my attorney and found them to be worlds apart in quality and content.  I’m no attorney, but her words made sense to me.  They were logical and concise.  The original complaint was messy and unorganized.

I remember reading the CCV complaint some months ago and was struck with the same thoughts – that it was a very sloppily written complaint.  Some of the complaints are laughable.   Let’s go through the complaint, shall we?

Let me show you the front page of the complaint.  This is the first page a defendant sees.   I know it caused my heart to race when I read my name in ALL CAPS.  As you can see, the hearing date is set for Tuesday, February 19, at 8:30AM.  We see several complaints of defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress,  and a complaint of conspiracy to defame.

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Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 6.13.13 PM

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The first couple pages give introductions to the key people involved and their relationships with the plaintiffs.  Next we read the plaintiffs’ interpretation of the grievance between Alex and his parents.  

 *       *          *          *          *

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.38.24 PM

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The following screen shot is a consistent complaint throughout the lawsuit.  It is repeated and well, seems to be redundant.  

*       *          *          *          *

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.40.17 PM

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I can’t help but notice the hour-by-hour, day-by-day verbiage.  I think Bob and my former pastor went to the same CSAS (Creepy Spiritual Abuse School) and learned to talk the same.  It’s creepy, really.  I hope other of my former church members will take a look and see what they think.  

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Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.41.21 PM

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Ok, this is important to note.  Plaintiffs’ allege that Alex included photographs intended to intimidate, threaten, harass and scare Parents.  For your viewing pleasure, I have provided Exhibit “A” below.  

::::Ok, JA confession time.  I just snorted:::::

Does this picture intimidate, threaten, harass or scare you?  

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Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.49.46 PM

*       *          *          *          *

Ok, this is very peculiar to me.  Now, mind you, I don’t have a bunch of initials behind my name.  I do have a few initials in front of my name for what that’s worth, but I think this sentence is a key one in this lawsuit.  Read it slowly and carefully, please.  

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.44.55 PM

*       *          *          *          *

Ok, it says “at all times have enjoyed a good reputation.”  These are the important words to note.  

*       *          *          *          *

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.43.14 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.44.29 PM

*       *          *          *          *

Now wait a minute right there.  #36 says, “Bob has suffered loss of  his reputation, shame, mortification, hurt feelings, and fears for his safety, all to his damage.  But remember what it said earlier:  “. . at all times they have enjoyed a good reputation.”   Which one is it?  Does Bob have a damaged reputation or a good reputation?   This is a legal document, right?  It’s one or the other, right?  

*       *          *          *          *

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.45.52 PM

*       *          *          *          *

WHOA!  Here it is again:   Which one is it?  Does Bob have a damaged reputation or a good reputation?   This is a legal document, right?  It’s one or the other, right?  

*       *          *          *          *

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.46.28 PM

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I think they are getting a little dundant here, doncha think?   I will get dundant, too:  Which one is it?  Does Bob have a damaged reputation or a good reputation?   This is a legal document, right?  It’s one or the other, right?  

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In All Seriousness

photo credit: Josh (broma) via photopin cc

It is necessary that to change the mood here.  I was a bit snarky when discussing the ridiculous lawsuit above, but there is something far more serious that has been going on with regard to this lawsuit.  I will address some of it here and sadly, it’s only part of it.

Several years ago when researching spiritual abuse, I ran across the name Alex Grenier and read some of his story.   Initially, I brushed this story aside as a family squabble with Alex going to extreme measures by broadcasting it on the internet.  And then I read the Calvary Chapel Abuse site.  The stories there were similar to (Sovereign Grace Ministries blog for survivors) with story after story of abuse and personal accounts and discussion.

I listened to recorded interviews by Alex, read news articles, and noticed similar spiritual abuse patterns.  Alex’s story remained the same.  However, the other side left me confused.  This was similar in my case.  My pastor’s story changed, not only did his stories change, but websites changed, were edited, comments were removed, etc.  This is a typical pattern of someone who covers up abuse.  I’ve seen it time and again.  They can only hide so long.

After reporting about Alex and the lawsuit and abuse at Calvary Chapel Visalia here on the blog, I started receiving unsolicited personal stories.  One of the little extras of having a blog like this is sometimes people feel safe to tell me their stories.  For this reason, I am thankful that I had my spiritual abuse experience.  This has become a ministry.  What my former pastor, Chuck, meant for bad, God meant it for good.  Praise God!

I  have kept these personal stories confidential and one thing I have noticed is the stories have been the same, but different words.  I believe these stories.  I have seen no inconsistencies.  The people telling me their stories have no idea that I have heard their story relayed by someone else!

Throughout the legal complaint, you can read references of alleged sexual molestation by Bob Grenier against his son, Paul.  Bob does not want Alex to discuss “alleged” sexual abuse.  The court declarations have been filed.  These are personal testimonies filed by key people as it relates to the lawsuit.  Once filed, these documents are considered public.   Someone sent me a copy.   I have been told that some folks in the media have the documents and what has surprised me is that this story has remained virtually silent – especially considering the content of the declarations.

Ok.  This is interesting.  Just as I started to type the words here, I noticed myself take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.  It’s even difficult to type this.   I want to discuss a bit about Paul Grenier’s personal declaration.  Paul Grenier’s personal testimony of alleged sexual abuse by his father, Bob Grenier, is none other than utterly shocking.  There really are no words.  I have an immense amount of respect for Paul for sharing his story.  In his court declaration, Paul stated that recalling the incidences of sexual abuse caused him to vomit three times.  THREE TIMES, this adult man VOMITED while recalling his personal story.  I have to take another deep breath.  . . . .  I still cannot believe what I read.   . . . Yet, Paul willingly  – he FREAKING WILLINGLY submitted this document, forsaking his own embarrassment and shame to disclose something so intensely personal.   I so rarely get like this and I read a lot of abuse stories.   I want to just scream.  I just cannot believe what he endured and how he is able to do what he did.

Why would someone subject themselves to such emotional and physical trauma, recalling vivid detail of something so ghastly, demoralizing and painful unless there was a higher purpose?  That is why!!!  There is a higher purpose.  Many victims of sexual abuse never challenge their abusers because the pain is too unbearable.  That is understandable.  I think that somehow, somewhere, I don’t know how, but Paul was able to try to look beyond his own personal pain and realize that unless this story was told, abuses would still continue.

Paul Grenier – You Are My Hero!!

Tim and Alex were not aware of the full extent of Paul’s story until recently.  They just knew what they had seen and/or experienced was bad enough that they were willing to risk all, even a lawsuit.  I know after having spoken with both of these men for probably hours, they would do it again in a heartbeat.  They know it’s not about them or revenge and retaliation, it’s because they know that abuse is like a bulldozer.  It will keep going and hurting people until it is SHUT DOWN.

I know that if any of you read Paul’s story, you would be in tears.  Many of you would not be able to read even a portion of it.  It really is that bad.

All of this to say that this silly defamation, wah-wah – you-hurt-my-feelings-for-talking-badly-about-me-on-the-internet lawsuit really upsets me.  But so help me, this story needs to get public.  I have been upset about a lot of cases, but this case REALLY upsets me.  Knowing that head honcho of Calvary Chapel – Chuck Smith  – has had all of this documentation and has not done a THING makes this redhead blogger LIVID.

I’ve been going back and forth about releasing a lot of information from Paul’s story.  Right now I don’t feel the peace to do that except for what I have mentioned above.   But I hope that my readers here will understand from the intensity of my post that this is serious.  We need to start blasting the bullhorn on this abuse case.   Bob Grenier and Chuck Smith, I hope you are ready for this.   You’ll be reading more from me.

This ABUSE must be stopped.

*       *          *          *          *

Note to readers:  Tim Taylor responded in the comments and sent me an e-mail letting me know that they should be hearing something TODAY around 1pm Pacific time.  Will update ASAP.

42 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier Lawsuit and Sex Abuse”

  1. Julie Anne, the best disinfectant is sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine. It removes a lot of mold, for example. One treatment for furniture that has had mold exposure is to wrap it in clear plastic and set it in the full sun for a few days. You blog is one place where the sun shines on abuse. This corruption, this infection, needs as much exposure to the light as can be found. Please be encouraged and know that we support you as to put these documents and a summary of them on your blog and let the sun shine on it. And the Son will shine on your efforts as well.


  2. OMG. I will be praying for these brave hero’s. Julie you are one of my hero’s too. Keep shining the light in the darkness. I am totally tongue tied right now-blood pressure going through the roof, only one thought coming out and that is heaven hath no fury like a woman scorned ( I know its hell hath no fury) You go Julie. I have to believe that the Lord as a Warrior has got your back.


  3. You have a great eye and mind for detail. You are and will be a great help for all concerned. Yes, you are right, this is a ministry. A much needed one, at that. Justice always prevails under God. I, as a sinner, know that all too well. It is usually those who have great reputations that are hiding their evils so well, but not well enough that it isn’t eventually exposed. May you bring comfort to those in need of spiritual guidance as well as emotional guidance. Your blog is so important. You have some great connections around the web, too, and you all do a great service for those in abusive church’s. Gob Bless!!


  4. I can’t imagine the strength Paul had to have to escape the abuse and to be vulnerable like that with his story. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ve talked to a lot of abuse vicitims that have thrown up recalling or remembering the abuse. I’ve had horrible sharp gut wretching stomach pains when remembering abuse. I have only thrown up once…in my counselors office. She’s the only one that has heard most of the disgusting and blunt stuff. Uggghh…I can’t imagine that being told in public. Prayers for Paul and Alex…


  5. Julie Anne
    I have also followed the Greniers stories of abuse for a year in a half and left a Calvary Chapel church because of it. The church I left was not abusive at all and my husband and I were becoming good friends with the pastor and his wife. In fact, I still miss this little church because the people in it were wonderful. When we discussed this case with the pastor and how Chuck Smith would not do anything about the abuse he shut down and did not look further into it. We also discussed with the pastor about “the Mose Model” of leadership- this is important because this form of leadership will show you why the Calvary Chapels can resort to major abuse and get away with it. The Mose Model relegates total responsibility to one pastor and he has the total say. I have always believed that bad doctrine can lead to great abuse.

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  6. Alex scours the internet “hour-by-hour, day-by-day” – somewhat hyperbolic, wouldn’t you say? I guess he never sleeps. That complaint reads like it was written by a middle schooler.

    I so admire Alex, Paul, and Tim and Julie Anne for standing up to these corrupt men and their corrupt organizations. I’m standing with you and praying for you and doing what I can to get the word out. People need to know the truth.


  7. I feel horrible for these men and the abuse that they had to endure at the hands of one who called himself a “father.” Horrible. Tim, Alex and Paul – You are brave men to stand up to one who exhorts much power over you. He no longer has power over you! You are free! Please know that you have people standing all around you and praying for you.


  8. Julie Anne, I would humbly ask you to prayerfully reconsider posting all of Paul’s testimony. Yes, it is horrific, but I think our society is so jaded when it comes to this kind of thing that we literally have to be shocked into reality.

    Thank you for your hard work in keeping up your blog. It has helped me so much.

    I pray for strength for all of the victims of this tragedy. Not only Bob Grenier’s children, but also the many victims that lie in the wake of this man’s abusive, controlling, narcissistic path. Stand up for truth, people! God give us strength to overcome the fear that this man has instilled.


  9. I’d like to reiterate the above warning. I read, just now, as far as line 24 of Paul’s testimony and have set it aside for a moment to pray and prepare my heart for what I’m about to read. Mrs Smith, as you know I’m in on this campaign and am taking the afternoon to familiarize myself with the case. With this in mind I’d like repost a prayer for all of us concerned:

    May the Most High God empower His Children of Light with perfect love, true grace, righteous wisdom and the necessary skill to wield divine weapons of warfare against every wicked stronghold of spiritual abuse in high places. Bend us in Your Hands, O LORD, as Your weapons of justice and righteousness! Deliver us from evil, so we might be free (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually—holistically free) to be instruments of deliverance for others. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done. Strengthen us for this War. Amen


  10. Julie Anne, SSB family, thank you so much for covering our story and for speaking out. We all need to continue to shine a bright light into the dark places.

    Our hearing was continued to Feb. 26 with a tentative ruling now scheduled for Feb. 25 between 1pm-3pm PST.

    Thank you again and keep speaking out against abuse in the church wherever it may occur.


  11. Thank you, Alex, for the update. We’ll continue to be a sounding board to discuss these stories that bully pastors are trying to hide. Continuing prayers for you and Tim, Paul, and all victims!

    Brad quoted your update and published it in the new blog article since I’m out of town with limited computer access. (Thank you, Brad!)


  12. I have some catching up to do in terms of this case. I do remember ja bringing our attention to this back in the fall, but I then hadn’t the time or energy to invest. As I’ve just read Paul Grenier’s Feb 8, 2013 legal declaration I’m personally convinced he is telling the truth (there are some clues in his story which tend to authenticate his claims of abuse.) I’m terribly disturbed that Mr Bob Grenier is still pastoring. This child molester and abuser (and who knows what more) must be exposed and deposed!

    Now, to help provoke someone like myself to anger (we’re all mature adults here, are we not?) let me share with you one certain thing in particular that “Pastor” Bob Grenier allegedly did to his little boys.

    First, imagine if you will being a five year old boy and having your father make you strip naked for a time of “discipline”; force you to take helpless and degrading poses and then proceed to sadistically assault your body, mind and soul. Go ahead, imagine standing there powerless and humiliated and not able to make it stop. You can’t say anything. No one in your world will believe you. After all, your father is an upstanding man of God, right?

    By the way, Alex (and Paul if you’re reading), I’m only now getting familiar with your story, but please know: my own father was a pastor and an abuser too. I know what it’s like to be a helpless child being beaten and molested at the hands of a monster. You are not alone.

    Fwiw, as a child I personally dissociated the more traumatic abuse, and it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that memories of the abuse surfaced. At that point, half my life ago, I began a process of recovery. So I know what it’s like to be utterly crushed and broken until you have no more tears to bleed. I know what it’s like to shut down (especially in therapy as your relating the abuse). I know what it’s like to be physically and mentally incapacitated by the memories. I know what it’s like to stick your head in a noose and want to die. So I can empathize with this little boy, and for the man this little boy becomes. But there is true healing in life as I pray every broken one of us has in some measure experienced. We know our gentle savior binds up our wounds and cares for us most perfectly. Thank you Jesus.

    In the course of healing, God brought into my life a few good therapist. So when I was first processing these memories and telling one of my first therapist what happened she said something to me that I want to share with you. She said, “David, please don’t be offended, but in the counseling profession we have a technical term for what your father did to you. The expression is Mind F^#&.” (I’ve spoiled the last word for you, but you should still know what I’m talking about.) Now, let me relate to you what this sadistic father and pastor would do to his little boy after molesting and abusing him. Here’s the sick Mind F…:

    “He would then pray with me and have me ask god to forgive me for my action and then I would have to thank him for “disciplining” me and being a responsible parent. Sickeningly, I would then have to hug him and tell him I loved him and that he was a good pastor.”

    Are we not enraged!? I am.

    I stand with you Alex. Julie Anne has my contact info if you’d like to get in touch with me; let me know how I might help.



  13. David, I don’t understand what makes someone want to hurt innocent and vulnerable children. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Thank you for sharing your story here. I am going to send Alex the link to your comment so he can pass it along to Paul. He might appreciate hearing from someone who can relate to him in some way.


  14. Julie Anne, I read Paul’s declaration last night and that is why I asked you to post it. As Monax stated above, we need to be enraged. That is why, as horrific as the statement is, I believe, we need to read it. Because we need to be incensed, we need to be mad, we need to be so angry that it will move us to action!!

    Heavenly Father, please have mercy on these victims of this horrendous crime. Please, Lord, don’t let this man hurt anyone else.


  15. Alex wrote: “Julie Anne, SSB family, thank you so much for covering our story and for speaking out.”

    I like that. “SSB family.” Yes.

    We may be broken and a bit divided, but we are family.

    Everybody feel free to sing now. JA, You want to lead us in “I’m so glad I’m apart of the family of God…”?

    We can post youtubes in comments too, you know.


  16. JA writes: “David, I don’t understand what makes someone want to hurt innocent and vulnerable children. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

    There’s a dimension to this which is demonic. Here’s what Alex Grenier (at the 86 minute mark of an October 29, 2011 interview) had to say:

    “Bob [Grenier] had night terrors. He’d walk around the house naked; he’d look demon possessed; he looked absolutely freaked out. He would also go into this mode when he quote unquote disciplined us, and he would absolutely lose it—his demeanor would change, it was like a demon entered his body; and you’ve got a grown man absolutely berserk—wailing on us. He had this custom made wooden paddle that was about a quarter inch thick, and he would take that thing—he would take pride in it; he had this made just to beat on us. Bob frames it as him just spanking them. Ahh, No. It’s not spanking when you’re a grown man and you take this wooden paddle and you hit the kid as hard as you can in a full rage, you hit them on the lower back, you hit them on the back of your legs, you hit them on the buttocks. You hit them so hard that you leave purple bruises and draw blood. I remember my underwear sticking to my body often from the wounds that he would cause. He’d hit you so hard that you’d naturally react to the pain—you’d reach back to try to protect yourself and you’d get hit in the hands, on the forearms…”–a-conversation-with-alex-grenier


  17. What I quoted above—“that was the mild stuff.” Alex continues, “But that [you see], that was ‘godly discipline.’ And Bob framed it—you know, he had to ‘keep us in line because he’s a pastor.’ But, Yeah, obeying Bob was like trying to hit a moving target, you just didn’t know what was going to set this guy off.”
    . .

    So… this morning I went to Bob’s youtube channel—pastorbobgrenier—to get a look at this man. What’s interesting concerning his “Doers or deceived.?” video (linked below) is that I was the first person ever to watch this video on youtube. Even though these videos were posted 2 and ½ years ago they have only an average of about three or less views a piece. I wonder what this says about this man’s popular appeal. There are 31 short videos of him uploaded to his channel, Yet it doesn’t look as if anyone is at all interested in his brand of edification. Nevertheless, I left this comment below all his videos:

    “””W-O-L-F Warning! This man is an alleged child molester. Descriptions from his son describe years of sadistic child abuse.

    The Wartburg has posted a Feb 8 2013 pdf Legal Declaration from this man’s son detailing the sadistic abuses.

    Shame on Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel for covering up the abuses.”””

    . .

    Now, my question to SBB and TWW is: How can we take this man down?

    Although I’m still new to this situation, still coming to an understanding of Chuck Smith’s Moses Model as it operates through the Calvary Chapel franchise of churches, Nevertheless, I would like to sincerely invest myself in this battle to see this thing through. Alex says, “Calvary Chapel is a corporation—it is a business” with the senior pastors being the primary beneficiaries. “That’s the way it works out in this authority structure—the senior pastor gets everything.”

    So I’m thinking maybe the best way to expose and depose “Pastor Bob” is to threaten these CC pastors support base—their money source.

    This is the stark reality that needs to be communicated to every CC congregant (I just don’t necessarily know how yet). Here the basic message: Chuck Smith is willfully empowering an alleged sadistic child molester to continue unchecked in his position of trust as a senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Visalia.

    The onus is on Chuck Smith, but he doesn’t seem to care. So let’s make him care and force him to take action. If the church can’t be spurred into action—which it hasn’t—then let’s take it to the world. Let’s be creative and get this sick story out to the media. We’ve got a trial coming up. Let’s generate some publicity. Let’s threaten to shine some global light on Chuck Smith’s blood stained, territorial piss marked, and feces smeared BRAND of Christianity.

    If the church won’t address it! Then let’s get the world to address it! For even the world detests child molesters.


  18. David – I listened to that interview a while back. Yes, night terrors are common with PTSD. Keep in mind this is a guy who was saved while a hippy/drug influences and assumed pastorate in 7 days. From saved to pastor in SEVEN days!

    David – send me an e-mail and let’s discuss some of this. We do need a concerted effort and I’d like to help get that going, but definitely need some help. I’m barely keeping my head above water. Thank you for your willingness! I can tell you’re angry about this and rightly so!


  19. “From saved to pastor in SEVEN days!” ???

    Absolutely unbiblical!

    “An elder must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil” (1 Timothy 3:6).


  20. Hello,
    My name is Martin Garcia. At the age of 17, I started attending CC West Covina, which is now CC Golden Springs. This church is pastored by Raul Ries. In my 5 years there I experienced so much spiritual abuse and was ostracized many times. As a young man that just wanted to serve and learn, I was always intimidated and bullied both by Raul and all of his yes men as well as those that didn’t have any real authority but acted like it. I later moved on to help a start up CC in Montebello with Pancho Juarez. Needless to say, after 3 plus years there, I was edged out and treated like crap. I did nothing but serve with all my heart. I was a worship leader and loved leading the church in song. After many years of therapy, I have realized that Raul, Pancho, and other pastors I served under felt threatened by me. They didn’t want anyone to be liked of loved more than them. I had a couple of more bad experiences that I had but its a very long story. My story spans from the age of 17 to 33. I am 44 now and I want nothing to do with church at all. I haven’t been part of a church for over 11 years. I am more than willing to share my story in depth and would live to call out Raul, Pancho and the like. Please feel free to contact me. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these men are nothing like what they preach to be. I truly feel sorry for them the day they have to answer to God. I don’t know how they sleep at night.


  21. Hi Martin: I’m sorry I’m late in responding to your comment. I have read quite a few stories of abuse from Calvary Chapel churches. You are certainly not alone, sadly. I’m really sorry to hear how you have suffered for many years, even requiring therapy. Some people don’t understand how deep spiritual abuse is, but you sure do. Please let me know if I can help in any way. You are always welcome to share your experiences. There are quite a few people here who understand a bit of what you’ve gone through and will support you.

    ~Julie Anne


  22. Hi Julie, Thank you for your response. I am glad to see that there has finally been a stand taken against the abuse. I would love to share any stories that would help people. I know countless other people who have been hurt also by Raul Ries. Instead of getting away from Calvary Chapel they just find another CC to attend an the vicious cycle starts all over again. That happened to me, going from Golden Springs to Montebello, to Flagstaff,etc. I can honestly say that all those bad experiences made me a better person. I have definitely evolved into a person that is non-judgemental, gracious, and accepting of all people. I no longer label myself as a Christian. That’s not a bad thing either. All the things that I went through helped me become who I am today and I am grateful for that. I was spared a lifetime of looking at myself and not feeling good enough. That’s what Raul Ries, Pancho Juarez, and all of the Calvary “upper echelon” do. They are able to control you by making you feel tht you’re not good enough. They use a fear based, shame based approach to doing that. It is absolutely a horrible way of treating people. Especially people who have such good intentions and good hearts. If I can be a voice that helps others then I am more than willing. I don’t think these men belong in the positions they are in.

    Thank you, Martin


  23. Echoing: That’s what Raul Ries, Pancho Juarez, and all of the Calvary “upper echelon” do. They are able to control you by making you feel that you’re not good enough. They use a fear based, shame based approach to doing that. It is absolutely a horrible way of treating people.

    So far from my research I think it’s safe to say: if one wears the label “Calvary Chapel Pastor” you can assume he’s a W-O-L-F. This wolfishness appears to be a CC systemic reality!

    Thanks, Martin, for the sharing of your stories. We have a voice here to many ears. Keep speaking the truth in love.


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